Friday, September 6, 2019

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Marianne Williamson, since she decided to run for President, has generated a lot of talk by insinuating that God and prayer could have some effect on our realities of the day.  Some it seems are more than dismissive about these concepts – they seem actually annoyed – are they somehow threatened by this thinking?  Why all the intense sentiment?

ART P:  There is NO God- Thinking that God exists is a Delusion. It is the most wide spread delusion there is. Saying God is Love or any variety such as God is Universal Energy--God is the Oneness , are ALL ways of Re Framing a Word--God_ that should not be used at all. If it is an illusion ,then when you say God is Love, in effect you are saying that Love is also an illusion. Just STOP using the word... If someone had the delusion that Mickey Mouse is God...would we then say that Mickey Mouse is Love...NO.... to have a CLEAR mind, one must remove ALL Delusions----If those that claim that the God Delusion is Religion--that is there problem and it becomes the worlds problem when political leaders, etc use God to justify or explain.. Clear ones mind... Love is Love...

And here is my probably too lengthy response…

You are GOD - Art and the rest of you. You happen to be caught in a matrix of sorts and therefore believe the world you perceive is more than an illusion. The real deal is that you are an immortal being playing an adventure game that you have chosen to participate in hoping to write a satisfying story for yourself. Like any good adventure game, there are plenty of challenges and your character will die if you don't make the right choices with some of them. Not to worry - the God part of you can't die so like a video game you can always play a new game hoping to have learned some things along the way. That does not diminish the pain of those left behind but if you can recognize that the God part of them has gone nowhere - it has only been freed from the character it created to play the game. Maybe they will decide to jump right back into the game and even find a new way to interact directly with you - you know those people that you meet and seems like you have known them a long time? The challenge that you have in a new game is that you start each game with a fairly clean slate. Only occasionally do people recall things from past lives all though they may have learned some lessons. 

Now one thing many get mixed up about is the idea of "judging" - God and sin - that part is where "religions" got all screwed up - they wanted to exercise control over our behavior and therefore needed to create the concept of guilt and some divine punishment for "wrong-doing".  These are not "God" ideas - they are human ideas designed to for control.  

We each have total free will and you are the only one that can evaluate the positive or negative of your actions. There are some operating principles - one key concept is Newton's 3rd Law - "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".  You can do whatever you want but it will always come back to you.  This is "karma" - the more positive the energy of your beliefs and actions, the more satisfying your story will be - but you are always in charge of the story line. You do have an "emotional compass" - whenever you are not sure about how to move forward, ask yourself if it "feels" right? People talk about what their "gut" told them - that's it. That direction and most any other input you want is available by "asking". 

The reality is you are a very sophisticated "bio-computer" that always has access to an infinite "cloud network". The bottom line is that it is "consciousness" that is creating it all. Everyone is creating their own interactive adventure - we are all in it together but no two people live in an identical reality. We will stop here - maybe you think this an interesting science fiction story or maybe you think it is like Toto pulling aside the curtain on the Wizard of Oz... you can believe anything you want and that is the reality you will find yourself in. 

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