Sunday, August 4, 2019

We will benefit if we pay attention to her.

Although her ability to win is slim, Marianne Williamson is the candidate who is focused on the real problem - it is the poisoning of the heart and soul of these United States - the neglect of the passion for freedom and compassion that has always made this country special. Trump can win on programs - even many who despise him think he is doing a good job as a chief executive. On the surface the country is thriving but Trump has poisoned the swamp he assured us he would drain. He has not gotten rid of it but he has drained most of the decency and compassion that was left as a governing principle. Marianne Williamson is very likely correct that we cannot beat Trump on policy and programs - we must expose him for the corrupting, callous, self-serving force that he is.

Tim Wise, the author of “White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privilege Son” writes: 
People who say the Democrats should ignore Trump`s race-baiting because it`s some political genius strategy calculate to distract us are idiots.  He`s no genius.  If you downplay it, you normalize him.   You make this about policy, you normalize him.

He adds: If anything, I would say crafting an argument that this is an existential crisis for the nature and making it about Trump`s bigotry and who we want to be as a country would be far more effective.   It`s the only way we`re going to get reasonable moderates and conservatives who probably are never going to agree on policy with the candidates the Democrats have, but they can come together on the basis of a moral message and we can live to fight another day about the issues that we care about once the Democrat has defeated Donald Trump.  But in the meantime please understand that this movement that he is leading poses a threat to the values that this country holds dear.  It is a movement that is opposed to pluralism, opposed to multiculturalism.  It is a white identity cult and we all can do better than that. 
WISE:  Marianne Williamson is doing it.  If Marianne Williamson`s doing it, they can all do it.  Believe me. 
This is part of an interview from MSNBC’s Chris Mathews’ show “Hardball”.  Sadly Chris felt the need to be sarcastic about the inclusion of Marianne Williamson’s participation in the “serious” political debate that had taken place.  

While she may stand no chance of winning the election, there is no question that she was the only one on that stage who made clear the real problem with Donald Trump.  You can say he is an effective executive but he totally lacks any appearance of a moral compass.  Much of Trump’s key support comes from people who claim strong moral compasses.  Can they continue to deny the nature of the man that Trump has shown himself to be – a guy with little compassion and no love for those average people who believed he was better than another morally suspect individual who was running against him.  As Tim Wise said,  “Marianne Williamson is doing it.  If Marianne Williamson`s doing it, they can all do it.  Believe me.”

While it may not be a contribution to a winning campaign, a $10 contribution to support her message will be more beneficial to our country than supporting any of the other campaigns.  CLICK HERE NOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO RECLAIM HOPE AND THE IDEALISTIC SPIRIT THAT TRULY  MAKES THIS COUNTRY GREAT.

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