Tuesday, August 27, 2019

MAGIC: What kind of life are you creating for yourself?

 The Magic of Intentional Creation is an art you can learn.

Believing makes it so. 

The only thing that will prevent you from getting anything you want is your failure to believe you can or should have it.  

We are not here simply to witness Creation – we are the Creators.  


Since what you believe is totally under your control – it really does not matter what anyone else believes – you are always deciding for yourself what you believe. There are a lot of obstacles though, because in our “connected” world, we are barraged virtually non-stop with the opinions of others defining reality. Most of us become hypnotized by the narrative of others as we are continually being told how we should think about the world around us. It is very easy to get to the point – particularly if there is a lot going on that we do not like – where we begin to feel hopeless and worried about life and existence on this planet. Many people feel that things are spiraling totally out of control. They believe they have little if any control over the reality of their lives. This is a very sad place to be.

If you find yourself worrying about the fate of the planet or the safety of you, your family and friends or anything else, it is because you are accepting other people’s stories for your life story instead of taking responsibility for creating what you want for yourself. It’s easy to understand, because you may never have even considered that you were in charge and could have anything you wanted.  Working on accepting that possibility is the first step. For most of us, that is a BIG step because we have spent years developing this character we believe ourselves to be based primarily on what we believed others expected of us or we thought the ideal was to be like some role model currently popular in the media. Lots of times we may not have even thought others had much expectation for us at all.  Very often, we likely found the people we came into contact with were more interested in sucking us into sharing a belief in all their perceived problems rather than encouraging us to reach for our dreams. 

The main reason people want to believe reality is something going on outside of them is because most people are not willing to accept that they are entirely responsible for everything going on in their life. Quite possibly, no one has told you that you are in total control over what happens in your life story – it is not a lot different than changing the channel you watch or the movies you go see – each is part of shaping the reality you perceive.  It’s all programming for that bio-computer of yours.

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