Wednesday, July 10, 2019


All that is emerges out of nothing.  It was a very BIG bang when the formless infinite energy field of consciousness imagined form into existence.  Prior to that moment it was a self conscious field of energy occupying no space at all since it had yet to create space.  It simply was.  It was discovering itself as consciousness with the imagining of shapes and sizes and material possibilities.  From limitless it imagined limits and time.  The dreams and considerations of pure consciousness flashed into seeds of forms that would grow into worlds beyond number of infinite variety as it played with the possibilities.  With that one great desire nothingness became something.

In that moment it discovered itself.  In that moment it gained a purpose.  The development of this physical, time and space “place” became its passion.  This physical realm was its child, its offspring, its first beginning.  It would create a magical place that would be powered by its unlimited ability to provide whatever was needed to be sustained.  This “Universe” would be balanced by a few very basic laws.  Every part of physical form would be actively connected as a point of awareness to all of non-physical consciousness.  The more complex the physical form, the greater the amount of awareness and connection between physical and non-physical.  Whatever the physical forms imagined would become their physical reality.  Any action they initiated would result in an equal and opposite reaction to maintain the balance of the whole.

Non physical savored this new reality of feelings and amazing sensations.  Whatever it appreciated about Creation blossomed and expanded.  Those things it did not give its attention to lost their energy and faded from experience.  Some things came to be for a short time just to point the way to a more satisfying experience.  Many would come and go in a never ending cycle of renewal and regeneration.  Little improvements would be made with each generation of a form.  Everything constantly evolved into more sophisticated and beautiful forms.  Non physical was eternally focused on the development of itself as physical forms because it was through these physical forms that it found joy and wonder and substance.  Points of individualized consciousness anxiously awaited a chance to get into the game to either just enjoy the experience or actively create new stories for the game world. 

Though momentous physical events were always occurring in the adventure world of physical form, there was only appreciation that was experienced by non physical.  In the physical space of the adventure worlds not everything was always perfect – in fact nothing was ever perfect because that would mean that Creation was over and the fun would come to an end. 

For those points of consciousness getting to directly experience the physical, there would often be some dissatisfaction with “reality”.  Things certainly didn’t always go as planned for the physical characters they created for themselves.  But then, of course, that was why they got into the game.  They came for some challenge and adventure.  A billion game worlds had been created for them to adventure in and create whatever they desired.  They just needed to learn how to channel their creative power and see past the surface of things that were just a representation of past ideas and imaginings.  They needed to learn that they were each a player with access to all of the skills and powers that were woven into the fabric of the game.  They needed to realize they had nothing to fear because as infinite eternal energy they were really only pretending to actually be in the game anyway.  It was all just for something exciting to actually “do”.

What’s your story?  You are the Creator for today.  Visit and for some ideas about living on Planet Earth.  Enjoy the game!

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