Thursday, May 23, 2019

We need a van or a truck!

Here's a message in a bottle out to the Universe...

There is an organization in South Florida that helps thousands of people every year make it through a tough time.  Most of the people they assist are people like you and me - everyday people livin' a life.  But maybe it is the lose of a job or and illness - whatever and they find they need help.  That's where Gateway Community Outreach has been stepping in for over 24 years.  Carol Ray and her mostly volunteer team come in to restore hope and work to provide a path back to a stable life.  They do it through providing food and helping with some bills but most important they put you on a 90 day program to get you back on your own.

So, where does this truck or van come in?  Well the one that they had was very well on in years and valiant service when it expired a few months back.  For years it had carried food and provisions from one place to another, transported donated holiday gifts - all the transportation tasks needed to connect with the local community and keep the help coming.  Some volunteer vehicles have been standing in to carry the load but they really need a new (or used) GCO Transport Vehicle so that they can keep outreaching to the local community.

Here's our message in this bottle... if you can help get that vehicle or know someone who can you will have thanks bestowed on you by the thousands of local families you will be helping get through a tough time.  You will help thousands of people restore hope and faith in a positive future.  If you can help or provide some guidance, contact me at

I happen to be on The Board of Directors of Gateway Community Outreach so I am particularly focused on this need to get a new van or truck but there are lot's of ways you can help and you can make a tax deductible contribution at Gateway's website anytime.  Here's a link

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