Friday, April 5, 2019

PositiVibes All The Time
Appreciation is the key to creating whatever you want. 

If you have been living a life simply observing what appears to be going on around you then it may be difficult to feel very appreciative.  There is no question that in every moment you can usually find plenty that you are not pleased about.  It is important that you understand how this came to be.  What you see and experience in your now is the product of what you have focused your attention on in the past. 

As you come to accept that you are a creator of reality you will begin to appreciate how what you think about and pay attention to in this now moment is what is replicating as reality in your future moments. 

Since most people do not really think they have much control of the reality they experience, the best course of action would seem to be to just try and make the best of it.  However, you actually are completely responsible for how and what you experience in the world.  You live in a Universe of unlimited possibility.  What we want you to realize is that every one of us has created a unique reality that we are experiencing.  Yes, there are a great many similarities between your reality and mine if we come from similar upbringings and cultural backgrounds.  What you believe and what I believe have an influence on each other because we are connected parts of a much greater whole. 

That said, no one else can exert any control over you that you do not allow.  You do not need to and should not accept any idea or situation that is not satisfying and pleasing to you.  You have an EGS – what we will call an emotional guidance system – that will always keep you right on track to your highest aspirations and personal satisfaction with the adventure you are living.  It is very obvious but can be challenging to control.  If you are not feeling happy and good, your thought energy is focused in a non-productive direction. 

As we have said when simply observing the world there will always be plenty to make you discouraged and not feeling good.  The problem with simply responding to appearances is that you are just going to replicate more of the same since you will always energize the reality that you focus your attention on.  Therefore the key is to always direct your attention to solutions to the problem staring you in the face.  You need to start telling yourself a new story.  You need to imagine the world of the solution.  This is the hard part, you need to re-direct your attention from the all too visible problem to the best solution you can imagine.

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