Monday, March 18, 2019

Urgent Message.

People can always change if they come to believe in a different reality or something happens to give them hope. But if we could reach people when they were young with a message about making dreams come true and creating the life they want for themselves many people might start reaching their true potential sooner. If we could find a way to make this happen it would speed up the global evolution of consciousness that is taking place. If a climate of doom and fear becomes dominant, it can set us back possibly for generations.

When hope and dreams no longer exist for a significant portion of the whole, the entire system will deteriorate. It is very possible that we are beginning to feel those strains on the well being of the species now. I happen to believe it is because we are at a fork in the road as they say. One path leads to more of the same and a gradual breakdown in order as a belief in increasing inequality is perpetuated. The other path leads to a world where we realize the old paradigm of “the other” is a false and ultimately doomed approach to reality.

This is what unfortunately is happening in our education institutions - students are being taught to conform and comply with a set of instructions that take away their power to choose and be creative. They are being told that to succeed they need to behave in a specific way and that everyone must be able to answer the same questions correctly. It is very important to point out that there is no “evil” intent involved in any of this on a society level. Our institutions and schools are teaching conformity and a belief that you just need to “deal” with reality as best as you can. You need to accept who someone else thinks you are. Not everybody is going to be happy. Not everybody – in fact very few are ever going to be really successful. That’s for the fortunate few and you are lying to yourself if you think that is ever going to be you. Just learn to be a good “hoop jumper” and you should be able to have a tolerable life as long as you keep your expectations in check.

It is really very sad. I believe we each are entirely responsible for creating our own reality. It is belief that actually shapes material reality. Everything begins as an idea that you believe in. Poverty and lack are ideas that people decide to believe in. Limited opportunity is an idea that people decide to believe in. Great wealth and limitless opportunity is an idea that people decide to believe in. I believe there is no difference between the individuals but what they have decided to believe about themselves. So, this gets directly to your point – where is our best opportunity for change – in the institutions we send our children.

For the lucky ones, they get it at home before they even go into a school. I was very blessed to have a family that believed in the power and importance of the individual. I was always offered encouragement to go after what I wanted and told whatever I really set my mind on I would be able to achieve. This gave me a tremendous advantage. I never saw any limits or thought anyone superior to me (or inferior to me for that matter). It was my adventure and it was up to me what I wanted to do with it. My mother in particular always just told us to follow are dreams. Dad provided some balance in the sense that he was more anchored in “the system”. He believe you had to play by the rules and do as you were told generally but luckily he and my mother were very clearly “soul mates” as much as that ever exists and he always ultimately deferred to her belief in freedom and self discovery. The balance has served me very well. I can think of no better gift to be given by parents.

Our challenge lies in the fact that most parents have a fearful view of reality themselves. Therefore, they are not capable of doing anything but spreading their beliefs in limits and inequality to their children. They may believe with total certainty that they just need to prepare their children for a life of misery – spare them some of the pain of believing it is just a personal failure by planting the idea that there is really nothing they can do about it – it is a fate they have been born into.

One of the very successful friends I have had over the years always said that people are a product of the books they read and the people they hang out with. Today we can throw in TV, the Social Media and video games and movies that have programmed a person and is often the primary creator of personal realities. But here we get back to your central point – where could we hack the programming and institute change? If we could do it through the education system it would be ideal. The challenge is that this requires a change in the prevailing beliefs of a society about the nature of reality. Everything now is based on learning to “survive” reality rather than to “create” reality. We teach responsibility to society instead of responsibility to self. Children are taught they must conform to what is currently thought to be "normal". While later on it may be praised, "thinking outside the box" will not work well in the school system. Creative programs like art and music are the first to get cut when the budget is tight. Many don't realize that developing creative thought is far more important than memorizing formulas.

I unfortunately do not think we will find a solution within the system – at least until there is a further elevation of consciousness on a global level - which hopefully may well be in the works. Long term I do not believe we are in any danger. I believe that the evolution of consciousness to a belief in the unity of the whole. It is inevitable that there will be a realization of our power as “creators”. At some point in the possibly not too distant future our species will be in a place unrecognizable to us at this point in the evolution of the human race. That brings us to the importance of the part we are here to play. Those of us who recognize this truth are the heralds of the new age. We must always be seeking to find ways to communicate this message of hope and unlimited options to people before they get talked into living in a world they don't want.

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