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Text of Reality JAB Episode One

You have tuned into Reality JAB where we will punch holes in your reality.  That is the case only if you believe that you have a reality that is not of your own making.
All of this will be much easier to get if you were born in this millennium – after the year 2000 that is. 

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If that is you, you came hardwired for the digital age.  The odds are very good that you find using technology fairly simple and you may find the older crowd come to you to ask you how things work.  Previous generations didn’t get a lot of the programming you got.  If you are in that older group, you can still figure it out but it just does not come as naturally to most of you.

That is going to go for most of what is discussed in Reality JAB.  If you already have a high level of confidence that you know how the world works it will take you longer to get with it because there will be a lot more re-programming that will be needed to even realize you can take control over the direction your life takes.

The commonly held opinion is that life just happens and you do your best to deal with it.  The opposite of that is the realization that you are the creator of the game you are a part of.

Some people seem to get offended when they are told that life is just a game and that you are only here to have fun.  They mistakenly think it is something very serious and that their performance is constantly being judged.  You are the only one who has any importance in evaluating how well you are playing the game and spending much time judging yourself is a waste of time.  If you do something that does not work out how you want it to, learn from it and try a different approach.  Did you get mad at yourself when you fell when you were learning to walk?  Probably not – you just got up and tried again.  That is how you should approach every task you decide you need to accomplish.  Make everything an adventure and leave judgment to the less informed.
The number on Reality JAB is the knowledge that reality is whatever you believe it to be.  That’s right, not what someone on the Internet claims it is or what you read in some old book.  Those things may affect your reality but only to the degree you decide to agree with them.  If you don’t agree, those “facts” need have no relevance on your experience of how things really are. 

There is a basic structure of reality that comes from shared beliefs.  This is why from generation to generation commonly held beliefs change.  If you were born after 2000 there is very little chance you will share many beliefs about culture and society with someone born before 1950.  They may have had children that helped keep them current in their psychological development but there will still likely be gaps of misunderstanding.

 If you were born after 2000, you are much more suited for today’s world than those born even a decade or two earlier.

Why does it matter?  If you are living as you were brought up in a past time, you will almost certainly find today’s world brings you discomfort and likely a fear that everything is decaying and going to hell.  From your vantage point this is pretty true.  Your world is fading from existence and will never be again. For that matter yesterday is never going to be again but obviously the longer the time, the greater the evolution of the consensus reality.  Again the hard part is that you may very well think the changes are negative which is not the case.  It still can be very frustrating.

So you 21st century people, it would be appreciated if you would try and have some patience with these old people.  Most of them will reach a point where they have an awakening and begin to accept change.  And so the general consensus of social consciousness evolves. 

Here’s our next Reality JAB – don’t buy into any of it that you don’t like.  If you do not find it pleasing, reject it and make your own choice about how you see your days evolving.  What everyone else in the world thinks need not have any relevance to you.  It is only as you choose to interact with others that you need to be sensitive to the fact that their reality may be totally different than yours. 

Mind you again, NO JUDGEMENT.  They are just as right as you because they are as totally in charge of their world as you are.  How so many millions of individuals can interact and yet be totally independent and self determining is the most amazing part of the system.  How this works will be a big part of our ongoing discussion. 
For now let’s go back to you and how your character came into being.

Again, if you are a 21st century being you are familiar with digital virtual reality games.  Fiction often models fact.  Looking at your life as an interactive reality game is a surprisingly accurate analogy.  There is a lot of elaboration that we will go into in future Reality JAB’s but for now let’s just say you started as an idea in your mother’s mind that you were attracted to as an entry point into the time space 3D game world we are currently a part of.  As the baby was forming in your mother, you paid attention to it and observed its development.  In some cases things did not go well and the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage.  In other cases, the mother may decide it is not the right time to have a baby and she may abort the process.  But, if all systems are go and everyone is satisfied with the intention of have you born your spark of consciousness will enliven the physical form and give it beingness.

Who or what is the “you” that is enlivening this physical form?  The simplest way to put it is you are a non-physical conscious entity that is one with a Universal energy field.  The real you never leaves that energy field but you place your awareness in the physical form that is slowly maturing into a very sophisticated creature built to operate in the environment you will soon become aware of.   Initially you remain aware of your non-physical self but within a few years of being born into this physical form you forget that you are an unlimited energy being because you need to place all your attention on learning how to survive in world you find yourself in.  Fitting in and figuring out how to get the things you find that you what becomes your entire focus. 
Now who is this creature you are becoming?  There are several factors involved in this.   Your physical form includes a highly sophisticated bio-computer brain and nervous system that links all the parts and systems of your body to that bio-computer.  

The system comes with some hard-wired components.  You will get some programming from your genetic forbearers (ancestors).  You will also get some coding based on when you are born – like a built in understanding of basic technology as an example.  You may bring from non-physical some special skills that you preselected like musical, artistic or athletic talent.  Most everyone brings along some special talents and it will be up to you to discover them so you can take advantage of them.  From that starting point you begin to absorb data that you use to define your character.  Everything that happens from this point on will be of your choosing.

Your immediate need is to figure out how best to have a good time in this adventure world you are discovering and will be exploring.  The first source of information is those beings you are exposed to as a baby before you really have any ability to act on your own behalf.  Now we have the most important piece of information for you.  The data – everything your five senses are exposed to – has no quality buffer or anti-virus program to protect you from bad programming.  You are a sponge.  Everything you are exposed to is just absorbed and represents what you will believe to be “real”.  Clearly some of us get off to a much better start than others.  If you are surrounded by love and happy people, you will create a reality view that mirrors that.  On the other hand, if you are surrounded with an angry unhappy world then you will come to believe that is reality. 

Most of us really begin thinking on our own between 3 and 5 years old.  Most personality experts say that by age 7 we have pretty well completed our personality design that we will go adventuring with as we start to consciously play the game as the character we have created.  I want to remind this physical you is just a point of awareness of the unlimited you that will always be there enjoying the adventure you are living through your senses.  You are on your own in the adventure world though.  Non-physical you is there to provide whatever assistance you ask for and are willing to accept.  However it will probably take a while before you start thinking beyond this character you have created because you will quickly find that you live in an adventure world filled with challenges and that while just surviving is not that difficult to have fun takes some determination and positive intention.

Clearly there is a lot of detail that will need to be filled in.  For now, please just accept that you are by nature a non-physical being temporarily inhabiting a physical form for an adventure in Creation.  There is no entity judging you and you are free to do whatever you want.  You have chosen to be here for the fun of an adventure.  Your task is to learn how to manipulate reality to serve your interests to create a satisfying experience.  You will learn that your feelings are your best ally.  If something does not feel right, find a different direction until you line up with actions and awareness that you find pleasing.  You have unlimited creative power.  If you can dream it you can create it.  You never lose the power to connect with you non-physical self and channel energy to create anything you will let yourself believe in.  That is true for everything – belief is the designer of reality.  That really the only thing you need to master to live the life of your dreams but of course when exposed to a world that seems contradictory to many of the things you want to believe, this can be quite a challenge. 

Helping us get beyond appearances and find the world of our dreams is what we are hoping to do with Reality JAB.  Hopefully we can visit again soon and explore more ways to increase personal satisfaction and fun as we explore the ever evolving adventure experienced by these characters we have created.

Here's a link to the audio stream or download link:  Download or stream the introductory edition of Reality JAB


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