Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Reclaiming Individual Sovereignty

In the world of the not too distant past, one could get along very well with a basic 9 to 5 job but it is getting harder as to find simple jobs that don't require special training and a lot more personal effort.  There used to be plenty of opportunity for repetitive tasks jobs requiring limited creativity that were rewarded with reasonable income that could then be circulated.  People found their satisfaction in family and friends and the job and money were not a big part of the happiness equation.  But then we created a social organization that presented the accumulation of stuff as the measure of self worth and happiness.  

This was not a nefarious plan on anyone’s part.  This was the inevitable result of the expansion of consciousness.  Desire is the driver all human achievement and there is nothing wrong with wanting more and better.  All the magnificent achievements of the human species have been drive by the desire of new and improved.  The problem is that somewhere along the way the belief in limits got introduced to the system.  We live in an unlimited energy field that responds in accord with every one of our thoughts.  If the prevailing belief is in limits and injustice, that is what most of the world will live.

Since "the system" is mis-guided in its prevailing beliefs it will take a long time to make changes there.  What we must do is figure out a way to be disrupters of the system.  The Internet  is the vehicle for sure.  It reaches into every corner of the world and people have been trained to accept the world view as presented.  Some of the extremes infecting the “news” media and propagated with the Internet “world reality view” are weakening it’s power to some extent.  More and more people are believing they have no stake in believing what the news media says.  This offers a great opportunity – the more people no longer certain about the reality of the world and questioning the future, the bigger the opening to alter prevailing beliefs.  The youth as always represent the future.  If children could be reached before they are totally accepting of limitation and fear about their fate we could potentially shift the future reality quickly.  Catch them before the hope is let out of dreams and inoculate them with knowledge of their own personal power, they would gain a resistance to infection.

An institutional effort (through the schools) is not likely to happen any time soon within the system because the system believes in lack and inequality. What we must figure out is how to become disrupters of the system. 

There will be great resistance because the message we would need to transmit was one where “authority” power was greatly diminished.  The message is one where we tell people to do nothing they do not want to do.  It will be a message that teaches compassion for all of creation as the overriding rule.  Anything that imposes limits or obligations for the individual would be abolished.  Everything would be judged not by how it “took care of” the majority but how it “empowered” every individual.  It would not be about giving anybody anything or taking anything away from anyone.  However people would start to view the entire species as “family” and their happiness would to a great extent be based on how they contributed to the happiness of the whole – but not through charity but through empowering.  Your degree of happiness will be based on your success at uplifting others by inspiring them to claim their own power as creators and following your own hopes and dreams.

This does not take any change in the actions or thinking of the 10% or even the 1% currently at the top of the food chain seeming to control most of the wealth.  What they do is a result of their own beliefs and as long as they have a satisfactory level of joy and happiness in their lives they are doing fine and continuing to bring a great amount of wealth and creativity into the world – how that gets dispersed is not their responsibility since in truth there is not a limited pie.  This false belief is the reason for both greed and poverty.  Those in the bottom 90% of income are totally capable of creating all their own wealth.  If they could believe in their own self worth the income gap would shrink and overall wealth would expand exponentially.  But, if you don’t believe in yourself and the possibility of the reality you desire it can never be.  The 1% could give a few hundred thousand to everyone in the bottom 40% you mention and I believe that 90% of them would be right back where they started in a very short period of time and probably feeling even more powerless than ever.  For a quick example take a look at the lives of many of big lottery winners. 

That is not to say that they could not make a major contribution to shifting reality.  Henry Ford is a great example.  First he automated automobile production to lower costs then he recognized that with the lower production cost he could expand his customer base by lowering selling price.  The key to his success is that he also realized that by paying his workers better and empowering them with better treatment he could turn them all into customers to create an expanding circle of “success”.  Instead of being “slaves” to the boss, they were more like a family working together for mutual benefit.  When workers become a commodity rather than partners, satisfaction and success begin to break down.  All success and satisfaction stems from empowering everyone that is part of the process. 

That needs to be our mission – how can we hack the system and empower people without generating too much backlash from the status quo that thinks it needs to control to survive and win?  That is what we need to come up with a strategy to accomplish.  But have faith – just injecting the ideals we are discussing here into the system will have an effect.

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