Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Miracles Abound

There are miracles around every corner.  We use the word miracles to describe happenings that would not be predicted by what we currently accept to be our reality.  Like a deaf person unable to translate vibration to sound, most of us are only occasionally aware that we are the ones defining and shaping the physical world.  This is not mere metaphor – it is literal fact.  This may be a bit hard for you to accept if you are not currently aware of this reality.  Most people have no idea of who they really are.  (Your name here) is but a character you have imagined who will play a part in a story that you are directing.  
Here’s a little explanation of the scenario we are suggesting.  You came into the game with some basic traits and talents, maybe even a few specific objectives. However, the character you have created is mostly the result of all of the ideas and input your brain (a very sophisticated bio-computer) has gotten since your physical body achieved a bit of consciousness – awareness of a self.  The psychologist Carl Jung called that formative influence “the collective unconscious”.  Therein lays the problem.  For your early “programming” years – your formative period – you simply accepted everything you heard and saw as “fact”.  You should consider the possibility that many of the "programs" you have running in that bio-computer of yours may have been corrupted along the way.  Erroneous and limited beliefs of others may have had a big effect on how you view reality.  The good news is that you can overwrite those faulty programs with new beliefs with some effort on your part. 

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