Sunday, March 3, 2019

First, thank you.

Thank you for adding all of your hopes and dreams to the mix that will determine the future for life on this planet.  All that you need to learn to do now is accept that you have the power to bring all of those visions of the future into reality.  If you will give a little consideration to the ideas presented here you will help create a better future for yourself and everyone else on this lovely planet we have as a home for life adventures.  

We are all here at this time and place with an opportunity to transform the future experience of life on this planet in very wonderful ways.  As the level of consciousness of the human species continues to evolve, we are beginning to realize that it is our beliefs that shape the physical world.  By focusing on new and improved ways of doing things we can gradually solve problems from the inside out.  As more of us join together in an attitude of hope, appreciation and positive anticipation our naturally creative natures will transform the world.  Old fears, prejudices and limiting beliefs will fade into the past.  We are the Designer’s of Reality here at the Edge of Creation. 

What you are about to read you may consider to be speculative fiction, religious fantasy or possibly a quantum physics take on reality.  It does not really matter because seeds of truth will be planted in your mind that will grow into an expanding garden of new perceptions about reality and the possibilities open to you.  

First, know that regardless of appearances or any ideas you have stuck in your head, you are a being worthy of great praise and eternal appreciation.  You choose to embark on this adventure in which you find yourself with no idea about how your story would develop or what challenges you would face.  While you may believe that you are just a relatively average individual trying to get by in an unpredictable and often difficult world, you actually have the ability to shape your world and you have access to unlimited creative power.  You, of course, have been using your creative power all along but because of preconceived ideas you have gotten from others you may not have been using that power in truly satisfying ways.  Once you realize how much power you can wield and learn a little bit about how to control it, things will begin changing dramatically.  

That is the tale we have for your consideration.  It is time for you to take charge of your personal adventure.  You have an important role in this play of life you have chosen to be a part of.  You will find that you can do whatever you want and also that you are not required to do anything you don’t feel like doing. Mostly you are here to learn how to make your personal hopes and dreams become a reality and have fun adventuring but in doing that you can also make an enormously positive contribution to all of Creation.    

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