Wednesday, February 6, 2019

"Thou Art God."
Valentine Michael Smith

As difficult as it may be for you to believe, the REAL You is far more than the character you probably believe yourself to be.  (Your name here) is only a very small part of who you really are.  You have "imagined" this character into being so that you may go adventuring in a physical world of time, matter and space. Once you can accept that this concept may be true you can embark on a path to learning how to command your true ability to transform and create physical reality.  You will learn that your BELIEFS create your reality.  If you are willing take a leap of faith and test these ideas you will find that you can determine your future by intention and that you can "walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil" because You are in control. The Designer of Reality™ program offers some insights to help you discover your full potential as a creative being.

It is really just a matter of learning to accept that you are an immortal expression of an infinite energy field that has designed a character, (your name here), to interact with the time space reality we find ourselves in.

Your doubts are your only barrier to doing whatever you may dream of doing. If you are suffering from any anxiety or fears, you can free yourself - these are self-imposed limitations. They can only be if you choose them - with a little practice you will begin to make improved choices.  There are some mental skills you need to learn but all that is required to become the powerful "Designer of Reality" you are destined to become is to let all of your fears and worries go. It will take some mental effort and the awareness of a few important concepts but there is no reason that you cannot do it in this lifetime.  It is as easy as consistently seeking out those things that bring you joy and appreciation and wasting none of your energy worrying about the "unwanted".

Make HOPE, LOVE and JOY the forces that drive your every action and decision.

The energy you channel will transform the world in wonderful ways.  It is those like you who learn this truth that will help prevent others from sinking into a pit of fear, despair and sadness. As the consciousness level of the planet is elevated by your influence, bigotry, hatred, anger, jealousy and disease will be more and more diminished with each passing day.

We want to encourage you to dis-connect from the reality that is promoted by the "bad news" media and "entertainment" industries.  Once you know why these fragments of the human experience get so much attention it will be easier to rise above them.

Yes, there are unwanted things happening all around us but focusing our attention on them magnifies their impact and the "reciprocal exchange" effect of karma and the Law of Attraction will only cause more of the same - you should eliminate or at least keep to a minimum your exposure to BAD news and "negative" people.

Your mission will be to keep your focus on the people and things that are RIGHT with the World.  Believe in and promote those who are working to positively transform the planet in big and small ways.  If we are to assure a more rapid positive evolution in consciousness for the planet your participation is urgently needed.

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the evolution of human consciousness that will transform our species over the coming decades.

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