Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Trouble with TO-DO Lists

Right away when you think about a TO-DO list you may very often start feeling overwhelmed.  It may be because you have not written out a to-do list for yourself and you know all about the saying people that fail to plan, plan on failing.  That's what a to-do list really is right? It's your action plan for all the things you think you need to do.  If you have a written to-do list that can be just as overwhelming because even though you have created a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, you may have little certainty about your ability to do it.  Therefore the trouble with to-do lists is that instead of being comforting they are often a source of anxiety.

The real problem then becomes the anxiety and concern about getting everything done.  If the feeling you get is one of discomfort then it is because you are fearful about the results you are going to get and that will only make it less likely for you to succeed.  The stress will sap your energy and inspiration which are the two things most needed to successfully get what you need from your list.

This situation can be flipped in a very easy way - it just takes a little shift in your approach.  Instead of thinking of your list as a TO-DO list, think of it as a THANKS and appreciation list.  If you are willing to accept that you have a direct connection to a "higher self" or level of consciousness then this can give you insight as to why being thankful is the best approach for to-do lists.  No worry, just appreciation for the needed assistance in accomplishing the tasks at hand.  If you believe that praying for something to happen will make it more likely, this is no different. 

"I am very appreciative that I have constant support in accomplishing the tasks I have chosen.  I give thanks for and pay attention to what is going on around me so that I can take advantage of the inspiration and guidance needed to accomplish all that I want to do."

Then make two lists.  The first will be the things you know you can take direct action to accomplish during your day.  The second will be the list of things that you do not think you have direct control over and would like higher self/consciousness to orchestrate a path for you - make things happen that you cannot control directly.  Maybe it is someone else paying a bill or returning a phone call.  Maybe it is running in to someone who has some useful information for you.  You know, those apparent lucky coincidences that are really responses to requests you have launched into collective consciousness.

It can be very mystical if you like but it is really just about nurturing an appreciative belief that everything you need to get done will get done.  It's a lot better than worrying about your to-do list.  If you expect success, you are far more likely to be successful.  So, from now on approach the TO-DO list with appreciation that everything you need to get done will fall perfectly in place as long as you stay positive and stay alert for the "coincidences" that will fill in the missing pieces.

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