Saturday, January 5, 2019

Are you worried?

That may sound like a stupid question.  I know plenty of people that think if you are not worried you are either stupid or uninformed.  Granted there are plenty of things going on in this world that you may not be pleased with.   The question is if worry does anything to help the situation.

The reality is that worry is a destructive force, not a constructive force.  Worry is a giving up on possibility.  Worry is leaving hope behind and giving fear a foothold.  Now we all know that all of this is a choice because every individual sees things from slightly to almost totally differently depending on their state of mind.  If you are worried about anything, you have "decided" to expect the worst or at least fear the worst. 

That anxiety has an effect on your entire being.  It is a weight on your shoulders.  It may even give you a feeling of helplessness.  The message to every cell in your body is one of dis-ease.  Your brain is sending out danger warnings along all the neural pathways of your body and all of your cells and organs can do nothing but respond with growing discomfort.  This is not a scenario for a good day.  The key message here is that it is a bunch of choices you have made.

This is not a judgement, it is simply one perspective.  Worry is actually the default setting for that bio-computer basic operating system controlling your body-mind system.  The prime directive is survival.  Therefore, your mind tells you that you need to be aware of all the dangers in the world so that you may protect yourself from them.  That makes sense but it is a left-over setting from a time when you needed to protect yourself from wild animals and other dangers in you natural environment on a daily basis.  Today, those fears have become more abstract.  Your worrying really does not produce any results that can protect you.  With no solution apparent, the worry can become overwhelming.  Some sink into deep depression because they have allowed it to consume them.

Now if instead you decide to resort to hope that things will work out in some magically good way for you a smile may quickly find its way to your face.  With no imminent danger apparent you have shut off the alarm bells and your system can return to normal healthy functioning.  By letting the worry go and focusing on a hope and belief in positive outcomes you will begin to take actions that support the outcomes you want.  You will find that your hope and optimism are contagious - just like fear and worry are.  The rising of hope and positive energy in you is like finding a break in the clouds and letting the sun that is always shining show through.  You will even feel a sense of energy and delight as you realize you are helping to positively transform the entire world.

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