Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Gift of Jesus

Today is what many around the world would refer to as “the day of our Lord, December 28.  A few days ago a very large number of people living on Planet Earth early in the current millennium celebrated the birth of someone we have come to know as Jesus of Nazareth.  No matter what you believe about Jesus, he has played a very impressive part in the adventure story we are continuing to add new chapters to.  No matter what our personal beliefs are we, very likely state our own birthday by the number of years since the date that has been chosen to commemorate the birth of Jesus.  When we celebrate the New Year in a few more days the world will be ringing in the year 2019 because it is two thousand and nineteen years since that long ago birthday.

Many of course will tell you that this is because Jesus was the only begotten Son of God born into human flesh.  Obviously a “God” appearing in human form and performing a bunch of miracles to demonstrate his power would have a big effect – particularly on the still rather unsophisticated species he found in the humans of the day.  The impact his life made on the world around him is still being felt 2019 years later.  No one should have trouble accepting there was something special about him.  What was it?  What made him stand out so brightly?  I believe time will demonstrate it was simply that he represented a very advanced stage of the evolution of human consciousness.  Jesus came bearing gifts for humanity with a vision of future possibility and destiny – the seeds of knowledge about our true potential. 

From John 14 12-14: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Jesus needed to speak with metaphors and stories to give access to his knowledge to the broadest number of people across cultures and time.  So what do these lines from the Bible mean and why is it the most important statement Jesus made?  He is saying that every one of us can equal and even surpass everything he has done or will do.  What is required?  Faith and belief in abilities we have all been born with.  “Ask and the door will be opened” – all that is required is faith.  Note that there is nothing about being worthy or earning the things you want.  You only need to ask and then stay on the path that will open for you leading to the result you want.  Jesus is telling us that by being born we have each qualified for the adventure at hand.  All of Jesus’ messages are about claiming our power and using it to fulfill our “divinely inspired” hopes, desires and dreams.  Over and over he tells us to “fear not” and have faith in our abilities as fellow children of God.

The teachings of Jesus and others like Mohammad and The Buddha were some of the first personal success courses.   The adventure we are a part of is the maturing of our species.  We were quite primitive in the beginning and gradually got more sophisticated.  Over time our powers of creation have grown.  We have created language and tools of ever increasing complexity.  We have continuously moved toward making the life experience more enjoyable and less of a struggle.  We have begun to recognize that we are all one family and that the separation that exists is all fear based.  We are evolving past our childish ways of jealousy and a need to look at our self worth based on the control or advantage we think we have over others.  Children quarrel and throw tantrums.  As a species we are growing up.  A new age is dawning but if it is to match our wishes for the future we must tip the scales away from fear, worry and discontentment and move ever forward with hope and faith in the light of our true potential.  It is up to us to imagine and believe into being the world of our dreams.

This is the real gift of Jesus.  He wanted to demonstrate to us that nothing was impossible for us.  He wanted to open the door to a belief that we can set ourselves free – that we have always had the key.  The key is the knowledge that we, like Jesus, are not really of this world.  This world is our creation reflecting all of our hopes and dreams as well as our fears and doubts.  Our beliefs about reality define it.  The adventure began with the creation of Heaven and Earth – the Sun Moon and Stars – all the infrastructure.  Now we are here building the theme parks, the movie sets and writing ever more complex stories. 

We can die to this physical plane and like Jesus demonstrated for his big finale we will go on possibly eternally.  Jesus hoped to open us up to the realization that each of us is an inseparable fragment of God Energy with the ability to tap into and command all of Creation.  It has taken a couple of thousand years but the seeds may well have started to mature.  Many believe that our species is on the verge of what can be called a paradigm shift.  As more people come to accept that consciousness shapes reality we as a species will begin taking more intentionally control over how the story unfolds.  We will be truly transformed and a perfect name for a “Christ” level of consciousness spreading worldwide might well be called “The Second Coming”.  As far as Jesus goes, I believe he would say he never left - he has just been waiting for the rest of us to grow up as a species so a new age of Man can arise.  I believe there has been talk about that process taking around two thousand years – are you ready to get on board?