Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Resistance is Futile

Resistance is Futile ... A great way to recognize the truth of this concept is to think of “resistance training” for the body:

Resistance training (often known as strength training or weight training) is anything that places resistance on the body and requires the body to create an internal tension to counter the force.

The truth is that when you are “resisting” anything, you are adding to its strength.  Just like resistance training for the body strengthens the muscles receiving the resistance, so resisting a person or situation you do not like actually adds to its strength.  If we apply this idea to things going on in our world it is easy to see that we may be approaching situation in a way that will be less likely to generate the result that we want.

The case of Donald Trump is a perfect example.  For this discussion it does not matter whether you are for or against him except in how those feelings inspire you to act.  The strength of Donald Trump is that with all of the controversy he consistently puts forward a vision of success and improvement.  It makes no difference if what he says is “true” or not.  It is the directing of energy that is important – he is a master at controlling the story line.  What so many fail to realize is that “truth” is a matter of perception and belief which are not necessarily based in “truth”.  The biggest problem for Donald Trump right now is that he has allowed himself to get caught up in the resistance – he is fighting back. This will be his undoing.  If he could just choose to ignore all the resistance the balance of energy would stay on his side but he simply does not realize it - he feels a need to defend himself.  Resistance is futile.

So what should those who have been investing so much energy in resisting Donald Trump do?  They must create a story that inspires people to believe in a better future.  Resisting Donald Trump only strengthens him.  This is the real reason Hillary Clinton failed to beat Mr. Trump in the election – she never adequately developed “her” story for a better future.  She was all about opposing Trump.  She fell into the trap of a “fear” based campaign that made her unappealing to many voters.  Hope always sells more than dread.  Here is what the Democratic Party must do if they are to shift the momentum in new directions: they must start painting a picture of the world they want.  They must stop fighting Trump and begin to show us a clear and better vision of the future.  A fighter is not needed.  A fighter will only give the current reality the opposition it needs to stay in power.  Change the channel. Create a new and improved narrative and the old stories will get played out.  Resistance is futile.  Hope and positive expectation are the key to getting where you want to go.

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