Thursday, September 15, 2016

Premise of the PositiVibes Network Guidebook

There was a popular book out some time back called “The Secret”.  It framed some ideas that had actually been quite widely dispersed for many years in a new contemporary “Hollywood” suit of clothes.  This is not saying anything against The Secret – it frames its message with an “Indiana Jones” ancient hidden treasure mystery motif that communicated very useful concepts to a great number of people who might otherwise never have considered any of these ideas.  Nonetheless, there was never any real “secret” involved.  People like James Allen and Napoleon Hill had been teaching the same ideas for nearly a century.  Since the 1960’s there has been a constantly expanding awareness of these concepts.  More recently, the teachings of Abraham along with friends Esther and Jerry Hicks actually were the inspiration for much of “The Secret”.   The difference here, in this book, is that we are a little more like Toto pulling back the curtain on the Wonderful Wizard of OZ.

Some may jump to the conclusion that when Toto pulled back the curtain and exposed the Wizard to be a man feverishly working the controls for all of his magical special effects that somehow diminished his power.  Not so quick because the lesson here is all about BELIEF.  Each of the characters already had what they were seeking but it was the Wizard who got them to accept it with the magic of belief.  Part of the secret is that you can create anything you want with enough belief and we will provide you with some magic ideas to help you claim your inherent power.

The ideas in this book are presented in a step by step manner to build the logic.   The book will hopefully fill in gaps in your understanding of what your life is all about and give you specific insights on how to develop your innate powers.  The ultimate objective is that through your personal development, you will become part of a community of people intentionally, positively transforming the reality of the world.  We can intentionally transform the reality of the world but first it will help if you know more about what you are doing here and why you may at times feel overwhelmed by the “reality” that seems to be your life. 

Whether you are high or low in life, ideas in these pages will give you the perspective to help you get more out of everything you do.  While I am going to possibly offer you a unique perspective, none of the ideas or formulas in this book are new.   They are time tested and have been proven by individuals like you over and over again.  I also think you will find that the ideas “feel” right.  Because of how energy and the cosmos work, I think it is safe to say that you would not be reading this now if it was not meant for you.  The words will mean different things to different people and what you do with this knowledge is of course totally up to you.  The inspirations found by different people will vary based on mood and where they are on their personal evolutionary path.  Consider the concepts presented here and decide for yourself how they can benefit you. 

Just as I don’t think you are reading this by accident, a short time after finishing the first re-write of this book, I came across a book by Hank Wesselman called The Bowl of Light.  The book recounts discussions with a highly respected Hawaiian teacher and healer, Hale Kealohalani Makua, who, as Mr. Wesselman states at the beginning of the book, “entrusted me with his spiritual knowledge and who encouraged me to bring it to a wider world.”  Makua was a modern day Shaman and direct descendent of a long line of Hawaiian Spiritual leaders.  Wesselman’s book is an amazingly insightful book filled with valuable knowledge if you are determined to make a big step in your personal evolution of consciousness (which is your real mission in life in case you have not realized that yet).  The truly exciting element for me was that all of the knowing that were expressed from the Makua’s wisdom tradition are a powerful validation of the story told by this book from a place far away in time and space and culture.  Reading it, while the metaphors differed, you will find no contradictions, only further illumination of the ideas.  I highly recommend reading The Bowl of Light as your next book.

I believe, as is stated in Hank Wesselman’s book, that we are entering the “Sixth Level of Reality” which Makua stated began in 2013 in one of his talks with Hank.  We have evolved through levels of pure survival to levels of ever increasing Spiritual awareness.  Gradually through thousands of years, we have gained awareness of our true nature as the shapers of our own and Creations’ future path. 

From Wesselman’s book, “You see,” Makua said, his dark eyes gazing deeply into the far distance, “it is at the sixth level that we really begin to establish an ongoing and formal connection with ‘Aumakua, our Higher Self, and when we do, we find something that is very important.  This is when we discover ‘Aumakua, our personal god-self, was, is, and forever will be our true teacher in spirit.  This is why we will never find a better teacher than ourselves.”  Makua went on to say concerning this next cycle of existence, “This means that we have to create a new foundation for the next cycle, and what we decide to build on this will determine the spiritual focus as well as our lifeways for much of the next several thousand years.” 

Social conditioning is ever more pervasive and powerful as the Technology Age grows dramatically opening communication between all members of our world community.  We are bombarded each day with opinions and information claiming to define reality.  As we will discuss in these pages, whatever we accept to be true will become true for each of us.  We must recognize that we are in control.  We must refuse to believe in and accept “realities” that we don’t want.  That is why big social changes often take generations to happen.  The old beliefs must slowly fall out of favor to allow new ones to emerge as newer actors on the stage of life form their own viewpoint.  That’s the REALITY we need to know:  we are each charge in control of our own destiny even if at time it does not seem like it.   We have the ability to create, through our own imaging, new realities that eventually become the new and improved story lines for the adventure of life.

The main goal of this book is to provide you with the awareness that you have been cast to play a crucial part in moving the physical world in toward a new and more enlightened, joy filled reality.  I believe we are entering a new age as indicated by Makua.  I believe it is very important that each of us take responsibility NOW for our personal evolution and thus the social and Spiritual evolution of the world we live in.  This is not a burden; it is a glorious quest, an adventure of mythical proportion. 

This is why I am suggesting the analogy that your life can be lived as a glorious adventure game – a courageous quest to wield your innate creative power to shape an ever more magnificent and love filled world of beauty and personal satisfaction.  It is an adventure game and we are at the stage where we need to move past a primary focus on the physical dimension.  Yes, there will continue to be more wonderful scientific and technological developments but the real playing field has moved to a higher level.  You are now on a quest to engage with your higher self – that greater part of you that is infinite and all knowing – the God part of you.  Don’t get caught up in religious terms – those are only analogies often incorrectly portraying reality.  This is about energy and learning how to be a conduit for the infinite creative power and knowledge that is your true nature. 

Teaching that is the intent of this book.  My hope is that the words have been chosen and placed in a manner that seeds of awareness will be planted.  That you may have flashes of inspiration or maybe just confirmation of concepts you have already considered.  We have the power to transform reality and the better we get at transforming it in line with our hopes and dreams, the more joy and love and fun we will have in each of our life experiences.  That’s the real objective our role in the game – make the world a more carefree and loving place – everything else is just scenery.

Shakespeare’s line, “All the world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players”, is more than mere metaphor.  A part of your consciousness is likely going to rebel to this idea but we are going to elaborate – you live in a world of illusions where what you think of as reality is simply the result of conditioned perception and the consensus of opinion of groups of individuals.  You have decided on the components of your personal “reality”.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad in your life accept as you decide it.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or thinks, you totally control your own reality – you live in a world significantly different from any of your friends or relatives or co-workers, or anyone else for that matter.  Your reality is unique.  It shares components of the reality of others – things that you have decided to agree upon like gravity and linear time and the basic scenery surrounding you through commonly accepted life activities.  The important point is that everything is based on your choices - 100% control is yours to wield – you can be deliberate about your future or simply be reactionary.  

This is the story behind the PositiVibes Network Guidebook - a book for people who want to have more fun in life.

There are a great many books and other resources offering the recipe for happiness, success and prosperity.  Many claim to give you the secret to living the life you want.  Most provide valuable insights but all too often they claim to offer a formula that they claim will easily deliver everything that you want.  While it is true that the concepts you need to know are simple, living them takes discipline and determination.

This book will provide you with processes and insights that will guide you along a path of reinventing yourself and making your life a more wonderful adventure with each passing day.  Your greatest satisfaction will come with the realization that as you develop your personal power you radiate an energy for positive transformation into the lives of everyone around you.  By creating a more wonderful story for yourself, you benefit the whole world.

 It may not be easy but the life you are meant to live is filled with joy and love and lots of fun.  That is really why you got into this – you came into this life to learn and grow, yes, but your really did it for the adventure.  If you follow the guidelines in this book, you can be certain of finding and having more of everything that will make you happy. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Why not really be happy?

I really wrote this guidebook for myself or maybe I should say it wrote itself for me.  It is filled with important reminders for staying on what we shall call a path of least resistance. Now that it has found its way to its final form, I want to make it available to anyone who might be interested.
Since I first learned meditation from Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi at a time I was studying comparative religions at Rutgers University, I have been fascinated by explorations of consciousness – not religion or even Spirituality although they are explorations of the same concepts from a wide range of perspectives.
People talked about the coming of the Age of Aquarius a lot back in the late 60’s when I was a teenager.  For me, it was all very exciting.  It felt like I was on the cutting edge of a deep cultural revolution – or evolution would be more accurate.  Everything speeded up in the United States and other countries where the cultures had matured to a similar place.  Things that would have been hard for the average person to even imagine a few short years before were happening regularly.  Socially, fewer and fewer people were satisfied with the status quo – freedom of personal rights and expression became the demand of the day.  Authority was questioned at every level.
The fact is that the human race was and continues to move into a dynamically new phase of evolution.  To a great extent we have mastered the material world.  Most people are still consumed by fighting for what they want in that world.  But with the inevitability of a river flowing downstream more and more people are realizing they need to go with the flow instead of dam up the river with a focus on the things they don’t want.  With that surrender comes the real magic.  The evolution of consciousness is about the realization that if we stop fighting and fearing and condemning, we can “allow” all the things we desire to flow right to us.
The real awe and wonder comes when you really get it that you were actually created in the image of “God”.  This goes beyond any religion and is really better understood scientifically.  It is about energy and you and I are each conscious points of energy inseperable from an energy field in which all of Creation swims.  We are all divine beings of infinite creative power – it’s just that most of us don’t know how to open the communication link.  That is where the evolution of consciousness comes in… the link is growing stronger in more and more people.
That may all seem a little far out but you will get comfortable with the concepts as more and more seeds get planted through time.  Like I said, it is all inevitable.  It is just a matter of time.  It is the human race continuing to grow up.  How long is it going to take?  Evolution often moves very slowly but sometimes you get dramatic shifts very quickly.  Either way, you don’t have to wait for everyone to discover the truth about themselves.  You can step into a new world right away.  As I said I wrote a guidebook for myself but it is my hope that it can be useful to many.  You will find it very useful if you want to pick up speed along the path to a powerful new reality for yourself.
The best part?  You will make your whole life a totally fun adventure.  If you would like a copy of the guidebook, you can get a digital edition here:
A printed version should be available soon so get on the mailing list and stay tuned in:
If you have questions, send me a note at:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Top Chef Eddie Deen Teaches 'Internal Freedom'

Eddie Deen is personally active in the South Dallas Community. He has taught his 'Internal Freedom' course at the Martin Luther King Community Court, Paul Quinn College, the International Street Church, Dallas Police Department, and DISD.
At the MLK Court, parolees are sentenced to the class as a means to become beneficial contributers to society versus sent back to prison without an awareness of the underlying causes of their situation. Each Monday, new students are given the opportunity to go down the path of inner transformation. "We have to have leaders that grasp the understanding of the inner being and how the brain, eyes, ears, etc are tools that the consciousness uses to interpret the world. The child's brain is plastic and can be molded. What I am saying is that the adult brain is plastic, also. It just takes more effort and patience to bring the brain to another function. When the consciousness, the inner being can grasp the idea that they are the ones directing their life and that the brain is capable for neurogenesis, the ability to create new brain cells, then an old dog can learn new tricks. This is why we are doing the work we are at the college level. I believe that people beliefs are the causes of human failures, human depression, and human well being. You are what you believe to be true." says Eddie.
Beginning in early 2006, Eddie began teaching a life skills course at Paul Quinn College. Future teachers, coaches, & professionals are in attendance. The core of his teaching his a focus on the real intent behind education. To teach the individual to feel adequate and loveable. According to Eddie, "An education, based on free action, internal freedom, and personal responsibility is a much more superior and effective means of educating our students. Students who feel that their power is taken away will fall in the trap of entitlement, victimization, and dis-empowerment. What and how a student perceives his or her world will determine the outcome of his or her world."
Eddie Deen grew up on a working ranch in Wills Point, Texas. From an early age, he learned the value of hard work, determination, and relationships. A 1979 graduate of Texas A & M University, Eddie opened his first restaurant on the shores of Lake Tawakoni in 1980. In 1994, he purchased the land and buildings for the "commissary" in Terrell, Texas which is now the main staging area for Eddie Deen & Company Catering. In 1996, Eddie Deen's Ranch in Downtown Dallas was created in the old Malouf dress factory just south of the Dallas Convention Center. In December of 2008, Eddie's newest development Edison's Dallas opened which expands the services and relationships to a growing, diverse, client base.
To contact Eddie Deen: