Sunday, November 15, 2015

Your Help Is Needed

I believe you will probably agree that we are at a tipping point in the story of this planet.  We have reached the point where the consciousness of a significant number of people has risen to a new level.  The most important result of this change is a growing awareness that reality is simply a matter of belief.  If reality is imagined into being then we have the opportunity to transform it in line with our hopes and dreams.  Reality can be intentionally shaped by consciousness.  The combined intent of a group of individuals has a multiplied impact on transforming the reality for all of Creation as specific beliefs are energized.  Therefore by linking our intention and clarifying a positive vision of the future we can deliberately shape reality and move energy in ever more positive and loving ways.

That is the intent for the PositiVibes Network.  We seek to bring people together around positive storylines for the future of the planet.  We are each a designer of reality, either by default or intention.  Our mission is to help more people realize that they have the power to make all of what they want for the world become reality and that we have the ability to deliberately create an ever more positive, loving, joyful and prosperous world for all.

We would be most appreciative if you would share with us a few paragraphs sharing your story for the world over the next five years and into the coming decades.  It is urgent that we start energizing new and improved stories for what the future holds.  We must take the power away from fear and anguish, replacing it with the energy of love and gratitude.  Please share your vision with us so that we can have a book of positive visions of the unfolding future of this planet to build the awareness around this opportunity.  Your story can be about what you or your business is doing to shape more joyous life experiences or a general vision to inspire hope and faith in a more carefree and loving world. 

Please send your story to or                    The PositiVibes Network, 8716 Blaze Court, Davie, Florida 33328.                                              

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