Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MY STORY – John Ashmead Brodie

I am so grateful that I have been inspired with ideas that have let me be a powerful force in helping many people positively transform their reality.  My story shares the vibration of Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Richard Bach, Hank Wesselman and Dan Millman to name a few who have contributed to my awareness.  I have ridden those vibrations on a joyful adventure into a present and evolving future where more and more people are actively developing their skills as intentional designers of reality.  Together we are transforming the world and the changes are becoming ever more evident to all. 

The planet is becoming noticeably more loving and carefree.

Everywhere I go happy and enthusiastic people are eager to learn more about the adventure we all are blessed to be a part of.  The most wonderful thing about the adventure I have been involved in is noticing the growth of an overwhelming sense of happiness and hope.  There are still pockets of resistance where the light does not shine brightly and fear and distrust still are dominant but those areas are shrinking.  Many groups like the PositiVibes Network I started some years ago continue to come together to share visions for ever more wonderful versions of reality.  Together we are gradually moving the planet to an ever greater state of wellness as each of its parts increasingly follows a path of less resistance. 

That’s the point of all the seminars and coaching sessions we are doing with the Designer of Reality programs and guidebooks.  This is accomplished by first acquainting people with the fact that they can deliberately shape their personal reality and then helping them acquire the skill to align with the energy vibration of their hopes and dreams.  As the reality of individuals line up with where they want to go they draw more positive energy into their lives which then radiates out to the world around them improving conditions for all.
This is a day we all made.  Rejoice and be glad in it.  We are filling the adventure of life with thanksgiving and love and all of Creation is being uplifted.  

Give thanks and fill your days and nights with fun and happiness.
John A. Brodie

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