Monday, September 21, 2015

Hold On Because It May Be A Rough Ride

The more I read and listen to the things that are brought to my attention, the more certain I am that we are truly at a pivotal point in human history.  The world as we know it is on the verge of changes that will fundamentally reshape the way people live on this planet.  What is happening is the result of the ongoing evolution of consciousness.  This evolution is bringing us to the point where it is becoming clear that the material, physical world is entirely the result of conscious intention.  In other words, there is a growing recognition that we are each dreaming up the world around us rather than simply reacting to it.
Most people still believe that they have found themselves in a world that they have no real control over where they must try to survive in as pleasant a way as possible.  Most people believe there are limited resources and if they don’t work hard or beat out someone else they will not have enough to live happily.  Most people fear that the world is constantly out to get them and that danger lurks everywhere they turn.  Most people fear death knowing it can come and take them out at any moment.  All of these things are still true for those people because that is what they believe.  Since the real reality is that the world is the creation of consciousness.  Whatever one's consciousness believes is what one will get and there is nothing wrong with that.  
However, more and more people are waking up to the awareness that they are writing their own story and creating their reality on a day to day basis independent of everything that may be going on around them.  The collective beliefs of others have an impact only because the dominance of those energy vibrations make it difficult to fully embrace any radically different belief like thinking of ourselves as the designers of reality and not simply the experiencers of it. 
This new awareness is shifting the world in big ways and there will be backlash on all fronts.  In a world where there are no victims, no one will be able to have power over another (unless someone chooses that relationship).  Personal freedom rather than control will become the driving force for all of society.  This of course means that all beliefs in the acceptability of dominance of one over another will ultimately be unsustainable.   Cultures that have placed one religion, race or gender over another will change or die.  Jihadists, racists and anyone else believing they are superior to others and deserve to have control over them are doomed to failure.  Since consciousness is in control, the material world they believe in is being irrevocably taken to a new level as the new awareness spreads and builds vibrational energy.
All times are exciting but we happen to here at a moment in time where things are going to be even more exciting than ever.  Humanity is in the process of recognizing a new form of existence.  The reality we are creating will seem like a science fiction tale or the stories about places like Atlantis to many as they try to maintain the world of their own beliefs.  Hold on because it may be a rough ride but the balance has already begun to tilt toward the new reality.  Each day more people awake to this new awareness of the nature of existence.  There is sure to be some Earth shaking resistance but stay firm in you growing skills as a conscious designer of reality and know we are going to help humanity make a quantum leap in well being and creativity.  Stay focused on imagining the world your true self knows to be our future and spend no energy worrying about unwanted realities.  They are fading illusions and we can diminish their energy with each though of hope and happiness about where we are going.  How wonderful it is to be here now!