Sunday, August 9, 2015

What's the Story?

I recently presented a program on life goals and dreams for a bunch of middle and high school students in Coral Springs, Florida - Project Leadership 22.  This is a great program established by Scott Brook, family law attorney and former Mayor of Coral Springs.  Over the years, Scott and other mentor volunteers of which I am very pleased to be one have hoped to inspire and encourage hundreds of middle and high school students refine their personal goals and give them knowledge that may be missing from the traditional classroom. 

Here is a link to the material covered in my part to yesterday’s session:

Now for my story – each of the students were given the assignment to write an autobiography of their lives 5-10 years from now.  They were to state what they really wanted ignoring any perceived obstacles or “realities”.  So, I thought I should practice what I preach and tell you my story – we are in this adventure together so it is appropriate that I let you know what is happening.

It’s July 16, 2020, a day before another birthday with a number attached to it that is inconceivable to me.  The reason it is inconceivable is because we have be taught so much about what happens as you get older and I happily have never bought into the “reality” that most people seem willing to accept.  My parents both lived more than 25 years past the mark I am about to hit and did in quite good health up until very close to when they decided to exit the stage.  A big part of it is they both filled their lives with love and thanksgiving AND positive expectation.  They never stopped looking for new things to do and experience.  They never thought they were done.  Those really are the secrets to happy healthy living.  I guess I am lucky to have had such good examples to live by.

For me, the thing that fills me with energy and “life” is the excitement of helping other people have more fun and happiness in their lives.  All it takes is a shift in perspective – a reevaluation of the nature of Reality.  It started for me really back in my teen years when I first realized how easily your personal “reality” could be altered.  Over the years it became very obvious that there were as many “realities” as there were people and most everyone totally believed their version was the accurate one.  At first in defending your own version, you think, they can’t all be right.  Then came the revelation:  they were ALL exactly accurate regardless of how different each person’s perspectives on life are.  How can this be?  It is because REALITY is totally the invention of consciousness and we each have an individual consciousness even though we are all linked as parts of an unbounded energy field that is the source of manifesting all the physical realities we imagine into being.

For a world of individuals believing in separation, this was all a bit hard to grasp but with the ongoing evolution of consciousness on a planetary level, the ideas began to become more prevalent.  It all became very clear to me probably a decade ago after absorbing ideas from people live Richard Bach who wrote one of my all time favorite books, “Illusions”, the story of a reluctant messiah who we get to spend time with as he flies around the country side from small town to small town in a small airplane.  His message is very much the same as other messiahs and just as often misunderstood.  Here’s the bottom line that I came to believe very firmly:  whatever you believe to be reality IS reality because your consciousness is the creator of your personal reality.  Of course it is going to be similar to the reality of others in most cases because few of us can or would want to totally insulate ourselves from all of the beliefs of others, after all, we do all have to try and live together – we all are connected and affect each other. 

The secret is THE CHOICE IS TOTALLY OURS.  We can pick and choose what parts of the collective perception of reality we want to be a part of shaping our life.  It’s all make believe.  None of it has any real substance except what we attribute to it.  Everything is in your imagination.  This is why statements like “knock and the door will be opened” or “ask and you will receive” have been some of the most misunderstood messiah messages ever.  All you have to do is substitute the word BELIEVE for “knock” and “ask” and the message becomes much clearer.  That’s all it takes.  Imagine what you want… believe it is coming to you… know what it looks and feels like with no doubt about its REALITY even before it has become part of your physical reality and nothing can keep it from materializing into your world.  For many people that is still just not reality in fact plenty of people think that concept is flat out delusional and maybe even crazy dangerous.

Anyway, those ideas resulted in my first book some years back.  It originally was called “Transforming Reality”.  Then it became “Finding the Path of Least Resistance at The Cutting Edge of Reality” – I guess I really got that from my appreciation of the ideas coming through the Abraham-Hicks materials (which I definitely recommend for any life adventurer).  Finally it became “The Designer of Reality Guidebook™”.  That has set the course for me.  It has become my passion to help people realize they can do anything they want in their lives.  To let them know no one is judging them and they can’t get it wrong but they can constantly become more accomplished creators of exactly the reality they want for themselves. 

My courses, that have become hugely popular, all deal with becoming a kind of modern day wizard actively shaping all the experiences of their lives in line with what they want to experience.  I have promoted the concept of considering yourself and adventurer designing and creating an ever more loving and enjoyable environment.  The adventurer part is key because you are not always going to get things right immediately.  You are constantly learning new things and finding more things that you want to be different than they currently appear.  The fun and satisfaction comes from imagining improved realities and then learning to believe them into physical form.  The obstacles and challenges will always be there to some degree because those are the essential sign posts helping you define the path toward the constant refinement and enhancement of your story.

For me personally, this has all been a dream come true over and over again.  My life has been filled with so many great adventures and they keep getting better.  You cannot find anything more satisfying to do than something that helps others have more satisfying lives and adds more love and joy to the world.  I get to travel all over the world to share these ideas with people spreading joy and prosperity everywhere I go.   I have always loved traveling so to be able to go so many great places and get paid to do it is truly a dream come true.  And, of course that’s my message: Make all your dreams come true!  Why not?  It’s totally up to you if you are willing to believe it.

So what else is in store?  A couple more books are in the works and maybe a movie that will expand on the idea that we are all playing a virtual reality game as an avatar for our Soul Self.  Besides being what I think is a fascinating concept to see take form on a movie that would be actually a reflection of what actually happens in each of our lives as we write and direct our own adventures.

I also want to touch on my involvement with “Playing For Change”.  People familiar with my personal story will know how important music has always been and particularly live music presentations.  Some years ago I fortunately discovered Playing for Change.  This organization has a mission of adding wellbeing, joy and love and hope to the world through music.  This is truly a merging of my passions.  The joy of music directly used to create improved visions of reality.  I look forward to doing all I can to support and extend that mission as it is exactly what I want to be the result of all of the seeds I want to plant wherever I can find ground ready to receive them. 

The evolution of consciousness is ongoing and unstoppable.  My heart and Spirit are constantly uplifted and energized as more and more people realize they are the designers of their reality and we all can have a lot of fun helping move everyone toward an ever improved and harmonious reality.

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