Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Designer of Reality Adventure

The Designer of Reality™ Adventure Program is a transformative catalyst in the inevitable raising of individual and eventually global consciousness that will result in a significant evolution of the human species.  

For centuries the human species has been dominated by the physical world.  The mission of the Designer of Reality™ program is to remind people that they have been creating the physical world all along and that it is the result of and not the cause of their beliefs about existence.  In 1903 Allen published As a Man Thinketh which was loosely based on the Biblical passage of Proverbs 23:7, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".  It was not until nearly a century later that it became undeniably clear through science and experience that this was literally true.  Whatever you believe in heart and mind will become physical reality – all of physical reality is totally a figment of the imagination.

This program introduces the idea that a human being is actually an extremely sophisticated “avatar” given consciousness by an unbounded energy field that is the source of all elements of the physical world.  Each avatar has been given a chance to play a part in a grand adventure interacting with and literally creating the ever evolving physical world.  From the moment of birth each avatar begins to create a character to play in the adventure.   As a natural part of this development, a belief in separation develops as one must define their own character.  The challenge is that it is very easy to get caught up in how one believes others see them.  The tendency is to just become part of what psychologist Carl Jung called “the collective unconscious”.  We begin to simply react to what’s going on instead of controlling it.  We begin to think the life story we are writing with our imagination is the result of the physical world instead of the cause.  If we settle for the collective unconscious belief about reality we are subject to limitations of all sorts.  This is why the Designer of Reality™ Adventure Program is so important – it reminds us that we have complete control over everything in the physical world and we only have limits if we accept them.  We are here for the adventure of discovering how good we can get at intentionally creating the wonderful world we imagine in all of our hopes and dreams.

Everyone is a Designer of Reality by default or intention.  This Adventure is about learning to claim and master your unlimited power to create the reality springing from your imagination into physical existence.  Like anything else you want to excel at, it takes practice and discipline to be in control of your imagining and create what you really want rather than what you don’t want.  The Designer of Reality™ Adventure Program is a guide to staying on the path of least resistance at the leading edge of Reality.  The program shows us why we can’t get it wrong and that the positive evolution of Spirit is unstoppable. As a very important note, the program also reminds us that there is never anything to fear because while we will go through many avatars during our adventuring the point of consciousness that is our true being is pure energy and inseparable from the timeless unbounded energy field that is the essence of all Creation. 

So, while (your name here) is here in this particular place in the ongoing and ever evolving adventure, never forget that the world is whatever you imagine it to be – let’s make it a wonder and fun filled story we make up. 

The choice really is all yours.

The first practice Module of the program can be downloaded at  

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