Friday, August 28, 2015

The Second Coming - The Plot of the Adventure

The Plot of the Adventure

The Second Coming is happening but not in quite the way most religious people have anticipated. We are now at a tipping point in the human story and you have an important part to play in how the adventure unfolds. 

Since Jesus of Nazareth died a couple of thousand years ago there has always been talk of a second coming. It is still not known that Jesus has any interest in returning to physical form any time soon because it is likely that things would not turn out any better than the first time. 

This is a story about the evolution of consciousness. Little by little since the beginning of our species’ time on this planet we have been continuously getting more sophisticated. Yes, our physical form has improved over the centuries but most of the increased sophistication has come through a gradual evolution of consciousness. In the beginning we were not much different than the beasts who simply live and don’t question a thing – they basically run on auto pilot just responding to their environment in pre-programmed ways. Humans on the other hand, since we picked and ate that metaphorical fruit in the Garden of Eden, have come to question everything. We must know how and why! Unfortunately the programming available to our bio-computer brains is not up to speed with understanding the true nature of reality from a logical perspective. When Jesus walked on water or turned barrels of water into wine in an instant we could never see that in any other way than as being a “miracle”. The truth of the matter, as Jesus often said, was that it was not really a big deal and anyone could do it – IF they had just that mustard seed of faith in their ability to do it. This is where the “how and why” logic just goes over a cliff and crashes and burns. Modern day science and particularly quantum physics is starting to point to the real reality and it is all in our imagination. 

In the 1960’s the seeds of a new level of consciousness began to sprout. The first evidence was a burst of creativity on many fronts and a new passion for increasing personal freedom. Today, well into a new century, creativity particularly as expressed through technology continues to explode in all directions. On a social front there is ever increasing pressure for change that will empower and give greater freedom of choice to all people. All of these changes are the result of a societal evolution of consciousness. There is still a lot of push back in the form of anger, resentment and violence. We have arrived at the tipping point. We are at the point where those less aware of the true nature of reality are desperately trying to stop the inevitable shift in belief and level of consciousness that is continuing to accelerate. They are filled with fear that all that they have believed and based their lives on will no longer be “true”. While these labels don’t really carry an accurate meaning, the adventure we are living in has reached the point where we are part of a classic battle of good and evil. On the side of good, Jesus may not come back in physical form but it is a “Jesus” level of consciousness that is actually the second coming. 

The shift is the result of a growing awareness that reality is the result of consciousness rather than consciousness being the result of reality. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is whichever you choose. The truth that is becoming evident is that we actually imagine everything into being. No physical thing has any reality apart from our belief about it. This knowledge is the cornerstone of Jesus’ teachings. He spent his lifetime trying to wake people up to the fact that they were really the creators. Jesus’ message was not that he was the one and only Son of God. His message was that even the lowliest appearing individual is just as much a part of God as Jesus himself with infinite creative power available to direct at will. A couple of thousand years ago there were far less people ready to comprehend the concept but today, more and more people are beginning to realize this truth. 

So, that’s where we are in the story. You have brought these ideas to you because you are one of the one’s realizing or beginning to consider that you actually are a Designer of Reality. Becoming a modern day wizard or messiah or whatever name you want to give someone who realizes they are totally controlling their personal reality generally takes some practice and a lot of discipline. You definitely can do it though – that’s why you are here – you are going for your Master’s degree after a bunch of lifetimes of study. Oh, by the way, YOU are eternal and infinite yourself already. That everlasting life thing, you already have it. The physical body you call (your name here) is just something you have imagined into existence and endowed with a point of consciousness so that you could help create and interact with the physical adventure world here on planet Earth. A “Designer of Reality” Adventure Training Program has been imagined into existence to offer some useful ideas to help you develop your ability and have more fun creating all the wonderful things you can imagine. With a dose of determination continuously driven by appreciation of everything you are a part of you will see your abilities get closer and closer to being right up there with Jesus. 

Are you ready for a great adventure? 

And so we begin…

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