Sunday, July 19, 2015

Designer of Reality

We are all designers of reality.  We either do it by intention or default - for most of us, it is a haphazard mix of default and intention.  That is what we want to get people to work on fixing.  The secret to having a lot of fun in life is learning to take more and more control over the life you are creating for yourself.

It all starts with a good story.  Emphasize the word GOOD.  Too many people cast themselves in a difficult drama or even a really sad story.  We are here to tell the world that it is not necessary.  Life is not supposed to be hard.  You don't deserve problems - they are only there if you need them to find out where you really want to go or who you really want to be.  The missing piece of the puzzle for most people is they just don't accept or even suspect that they are in full control of everything that happens in their life.  Now you may be quick to say that is crazy - there are simply too many moving parts for me to be in complete control.  Wrong.  And, as we already mentioned you already are running the show - either by default or intention or the very common blended variety.

Anyway, that's it.  Helping you and me write more enjoyable stories for our lives once we realize we can never be a victim or have a bad outcome to anything unless we have allowed it to be.  Clearly the first part is getting people to accept they are totally in control of their personal reality.  Lot's of people, maybe even you believe reality to be too big for you to handle let alone control.  To get started see if you can get comfortable with the idea that while it is influenced by everyone else, your reality is unique to you and may be dramatically different than what someone in your family or Joe Anyone on the street experiences.  You already know you sure don't agree on everything and they are just as sure they are right as you are - so that's a start.

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