Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Collective Unconscious

Carl Jung, the noted psychologist, stated that most of our lives are run by what he called the "collective unconscious".  What this means is that most of us are going through life on auto pilot merely responding to what happens in the world based on pre-programming in our bio computer brains.  We have a shared reality of beliefs based on past experiences and whatever he said or she said was the way things really were.  

There is nothing WRONG with this approach but it is VERY LIMITING.  You are stuck with what is and the only thing that is going to make you really happy is moving toward what can be but isn't yet and is not even likely in the collective unconscious.  

You have the power to shape new realities but to do it you must first imagine them and then believe them into existence.  Those new realities are created in the moment of NOW and to be there you must practice being conscious of the now moments where nothing is pre-determined and everything can be new.  That is your point of personal power.

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