Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Module 1 - Designer of Reality Adventure Program™


Here's the link to download module 1 of the Designer of Reality Adventure Program™

Enjoy!  We will let you know when future modules are available and how to sign up for the whole program if you want to.

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Thanks very much and hope you have great success with this program and lots of FUN!

Sending you PositiVibes, JB

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Your Life Can Be Such an Exciting Adventure!

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Designer of Reality

We are all designers of reality.  We either do it by intention or default - for most of us, it is a haphazard mix of default and intention.  That is what we want to get people to work on fixing.  The secret to having a lot of fun in life is learning to take more and more control over the life you are creating for yourself.

It all starts with a good story.  Emphasize the word GOOD.  Too many people cast themselves in a difficult drama or even a really sad story.  We are here to tell the world that it is not necessary.  Life is not supposed to be hard.  You don't deserve problems - they are only there if you need them to find out where you really want to go or who you really want to be.  The missing piece of the puzzle for most people is they just don't accept or even suspect that they are in full control of everything that happens in their life.  Now you may be quick to say that is crazy - there are simply too many moving parts for me to be in complete control.  Wrong.  And, as we already mentioned you already are running the show - either by default or intention or the very common blended variety.

Anyway, that's it.  Helping you and me write more enjoyable stories for our lives once we realize we can never be a victim or have a bad outcome to anything unless we have allowed it to be.  Clearly the first part is getting people to accept they are totally in control of their personal reality.  Lot's of people, maybe even you believe reality to be too big for you to handle let alone control.  To get started see if you can get comfortable with the idea that while it is influenced by everyone else, your reality is unique to you and may be dramatically different than what someone in your family or Joe Anyone on the street experiences.  You already know you sure don't agree on everything and they are just as sure they are right as you are - so that's a start.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Iran Deal and the Evil Men Do

This is an ideal example of how different people are working to design Reality.  A couple of years of talking has lead to an agreement intended to take Iran off a path leading to nuclear bomb capability.  It has been a very difficult negotiation because on the International stage, no one must look like a loser.  National pride can trump common sense any time.  But, alas, withstanding numerous delays and breaks in the talks, a deal has been made.

This is when we find out what people's true motivations are:  what they really want.  We have (hopefully) the larger group of influencers who are filled with hope and optimism that the deal has given us a path to a more peaceful and prosperous future for all.  That is very definitely the intention of the agreement.  That is the story line that has been set in motion and those filled with hope and optimism and even great relief BELIEVE in that story line as a picture of the future.  Here is the part that most people don't appreciate or realize:  if the predominant belief on the world stage is that this positive more unified and orderly vision of what is going to happen is what is really going to happen, there is no chance for any other result to materialize in our Reality.  Those dreaming this reality into our physical space want peace and literally are the peacemakers.

Then we have the doubters and the fear mongers.  They may not actually be bad people.  They may just be sadly deceived and unaware of how things actually work in this adventure story we are all a part of.  After all, how many of us often find ourselves fearing outcomes we don't want in our day to day lives.  We forget that whatever belief we put our attention on is energized and if we focus enough energy in that direction it will with certainty become our personal reality.  On a personal level it is not a big deal because we can only create problems for ourselves.  On the world stage, negative fearful talk actually poses a danger to the well being of the planet.  The conservative often zealously "religious" politicians in our land have welcomed the devil into their details.  The current leader of Israel has put himself very clearly on the side of death and destruction - he may not really want peace because like so many misguided leaders he may well believe his strength relies on having an evil enemy to fight.  The truth is that he is perpetuating and, in fact, has made himself a primary force empowering the force that he is so adamantly against.  Fight fire with fire, you just get more fire.  A belief in and hope for PEACE and mutual respect (or we could start with just tolerance even if the respect part is a ways off) is the water on the fire that can put it out and eventually wash away the hate and anger of the past.

In case you didn't quite get the point here, let me be very clear.  Those who are making statements like "this deal is a death sentence for Israel" or "this is going to lead to the third world war" are speaking "evil".  Not only is their thinking taking them down a personal path that sure seems undesirable, they are trying to instill fear and horror into the minds of others.  Here is why that is EVIL - really misguided and bad for our well being - these individuals are in very insistent language backed by the power of emotion writing a story of the future that is certainly not in the best interest of a loving and joyful world.  Even if you are not ready to accept that predominant beliefs control the reality of Reality, on a common sense level I think you can accept that if enough people are claiming something is really dangerous and needs to be destroyed, the odds start to be pretty good that action is going to be taken regardless of whether the horrible thing is true or not.  While the fear mongers may believe they are well intentioned they really are doing the Devil's work.  Belief controls reality and these "well meaning" individuals are trying to get everyone to believe in a future we really don't want.  Let's all insist that they start working and praying for peace and tolerance and not the opposite.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Today begins a 21 day meditation series from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey.  They are always wonderful programs and this one promises to be one of the best yet.  That is because the focus is on Gratitude and Grace.  Grace is your divine power and Gratitude is the best way to activate it.  Everyone has access to an unlimited amount of Grace but you must invite it and allow it to flow through you for it to bring you anything your heart desires. 

So the session was started by finding something you are grateful for to focus on to get the feeling going.  Today is my daughter Alana's birthday and my joy and gratitude that she is a part of my life immediately came to mind.  From the beginning her life has been filled with special things.  Her wonderful Mom's water broke in the upscale department store Bloomingdales's in Manhattan of all places when Alana signaled she was ready to get out into the world.  The attentive staff at the store insisted upon getting an ambulance for the ride to N.Y. Hospital's Cornell Medical Center.  I was at my office at Westwood One just a short way from the hospital at 1700 Broadway and I headed over as soon as I got the call.   

Presidential candidate Ross Perot's daughter was down the hall also waiting for a baby to arrive but otherwise the hospital area we were in was very quiet.  We would not be waiting for long as Alana was ready to move.  Maureen and Alana's doctor arrived in time and dressed in a beautiful evening gown set for a NYC party that she would have to get to a bit late.  It did not take long and there Alana was with me playing Bob Marley's "Thank You Lord" on the tape recorder I had brought for the occasion as she took her first breaths.  Talk about joy and gratitude.  Thank you Lord. 

So much has gone on since those moments.  So much joy and fun.  She has grown into a bright and beautiful adult.  I am happy to say that she has not really left the nest yet but the time will not be long because she has adventures of her own to discover and a story to write.  I don't know what it is and I don't think she does yet but I am certain there will be some very special and important things she will accomplish.  She is a very special person and I am filled with gratitude that she is part of my life.  We have always had a special bond between us and I hope we always will.  Thinking of her life to this anniversary of that day now a couple of decades ago fills my heart with joy and love. 

Alana, I wish you a happy birthday and a joyous wonder filled adventure ahead.  You can do whatever your heart desires so go for it.  Let gratitude and your wonderful imagination be your power source and compass.  Be bold and see what wonders the path of your adventure will provide.  Follow your hopes and dreams and you will always be on the right path.  Remember the only scorecard is how much fun and love and gratitude you can put in the game. 

Love you and Happy Birthday from you proud and very grateful Dad! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

What do you want to do in life?

I am going to be doing a talk for a bunch of middle and high school students on goal setting.  It is really about deciding what you want to do in life.  I want to get them to appreciate the importance of really picking what they want - not what they think they are supposed to want or someone else wants for them.

So many of us live our lives based nearly entirely on what we have been told about life by others.  It is vitally important if we are to be really successful in life that we start following our heart and not our mind.  That bio-computer brain of ours can only regurgitate ideas and beliefs that have originated in the past and if we do not find new ideas of our own we will be doomed to repeating old cycles over and over again.  That is not always bad but it will most likely prevent you from finding out the things that will bring you the most joy and personal satisfaction.  

There is a word from India's spiritual traditions: dharma.  A definition of the word is "life purpose".  The tradition suggests that we each come into life with a unique life purpose - a way we can offer the most value to the world and ourselves.  For some the path is clear.  If you are born with great musical ability or athletic ability you clearly had a pretty definite plan about your life before you got here but most of us are not so lucky.  Further, because from the moment we are born we are told stories about what we should do, what our parents and friends think we should do to be successful; we may never discover what we really wanted to do until much later in life or never.  My hope is to get people to take charge of their storyline NOW rather than later.

A good way to help find the right path is to ask yourself what you want to be doing 5 years from now if there were no restrictions and it could be absolutely anything that would be making you happy. Give yourself several categories to design:  work is the one most people will focus on first but think about what you want for family, friends, a home (your living arrangement), relationships, leisure, things you want to do and places you want to go.  Fill up a bunch of pages with a list of hopes and dreams for every category that comes to mind.  Writing them down is important because it will help clarify and define what you really want and start setting you on a path toward those objectives.

I want to assure you that there is no reason why you cannot have everything you come up with to be part of your life.  What you will find is that as long as you accept that you deserve to have all of your hopes and dreams come true, they will all become your reality as quickly as you are willing to believe in their reality.  You will have a passion for the things you really want to do and be and that passion will focus your energy to build a path to their realization.  

The greatest part of the process is that as you move toward realizing your personal hopes and dreams you will find that you are benefiting many others in helping them follow their path because we are all so closely connected by the very energy that shapes reality.  The PositiVibes you generate as you move with excitement and anticipation toward your goals will bless everyone around you - the whole of Creation actually.  Knowing this is important because you must never let yourself fall into the trap of thinking you are being selfish for wanting and having such a great life.  Know that you have been "inspired" to have all of your personal hopes and dreams because in moving toward them you will be on the path that offers your best possible contribution to the well being of the whole world.

Along the way, trust your heart - or maybe you call it your intuition - to keep you on the right path.  If it "feels" right you will never get far off course.  Follow your heart; fill your days with things and activities that fill you with appreciation and joy.  Have fun!  That really is what it is all about.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Music Cares

Today I want to write about an organization that is putting the PositiVibes Network principles in effect in a very powerful way.  Bringing people together through music and its power to link us all together and break down the appearance of separation we are accustomed to.

Here is a link to one of their many wonderful world music projects...

Watch it and love it - let the joy fill your heart!

I would certainly encourage you to join help support this organization.


One Love!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Collective Unconscious

Carl Jung, the noted psychologist, stated that most of our lives are run by what he called the "collective unconscious".  What this means is that most of us are going through life on auto pilot merely responding to what happens in the world based on pre-programming in our bio computer brains.  We have a shared reality of beliefs based on past experiences and whatever he said or she said was the way things really were.  

There is nothing WRONG with this approach but it is VERY LIMITING.  You are stuck with what is and the only thing that is going to make you really happy is moving toward what can be but isn't yet and is not even likely in the collective unconscious.  

You have the power to shape new realities but to do it you must first imagine them and then believe them into existence.  Those new realities are created in the moment of NOW and to be there you must practice being conscious of the now moments where nothing is pre-determined and everything can be new.  That is your point of personal power.