Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome... very glad you are here!

Hi!  I am very glad you got here.  This is a story for you.  The time has arrived and we are here to join forces to help elevate and shift the energy of human consciousness in ways that will make life much more enjoyable for everyone.  There often seems to be a great deal of unrest and cruelty in the world and while it is not likely to totally vanish anytime soon, we, you and I, have the power to transform the reality that will come to be in the days and years ahead.  I believe we are here to be Guardians of the Light.  The HOW is what you will find in these pages.  Most important is what this will do for your life.  You can live what some will consider a charmed existence or magical life.  But the benefits will go far beyond your experience.  Your example and energy will transform the world around you.  The PositiVibes Network is about us joining together with a shared vision and accept the responsibility of being the stewards of the planet that we were always destined to be.  It is time for us to intentionally shape our lives and everything that becomes part of this adventure story we are sharing.  

For a long time there has been a lot of energy put into unhappy and destructive beliefs and the behavior that results.  There has always been more good than bad but not if your perception of reality is based on the soothsayers predicting the end of the world or the modern news and entertainment media filling your life with stories of fear and violence.  That’s what this is all about and your help is needed.  As a result of becoming aware of the ideas in this book, your personal story will be more joyful, fun, prosperous, loving and carefree.  As you become a master of the skills involved, you will be able to have what many might consider a truly magical existence.  There will be challenges along the path and it may take a while to get some of the things you decide you want but you will have more and more fun in the process.  Your happiness and personal success will gradually have an uplifting effect on everyone around you.  You can be as independent as you choose to be but there is strength in numbers and that’s why we want to form what we can call a “PositiVibes Network” of people intentionally shaping a new Reality for the World. 

You may be questioning how you or anyone else can shape a new Reality.  You can and you are very good at it – you are doing it every day to a greater or lesser extent.  The truth is that you are affecting the nature of future reality either by default or with intention.  We will explain this thoroughly in these pages.  Most people take no responsibility for the lives they are creating.  You found your way here because you wanted to know more about taking control and learning to be an intentional Creator.
This book is a guide to help you find your path of least resistance to transforming the reality of your world to be exactly what you want it to be – that’s why you are here.  This is very important not only for you to get the most satisfaction out of your own life but to continue to move the consciousness of the planet in ever more positive directions.  Your perspective counts.  Hopefully you are willing to take an active role in this PositiVibes Network (or start your own) – this will be just one of many similar groups that come together realizing we are at a pivotal point in human evolution.  This is a coming together of a community of people who are becoming aware that we have the power to transform reality to whatever we want it to be.  This network of people share a dream for a more positive, loving, abundant, joyful and carefree existence for all of Creation.  Together we can write some new scripts for day to day reality.  We can write those stories and believe them into existence.  That’s what this book is all about - a guidebook for designing a continuously improving reality for our future - together.  Again, glad you are here because you have an important part to play.  You have found yourself at the leading edge of Creation at a time when humanity is poised to move into a new stage of our evolution as a species.