Sunday, January 11, 2015

The PositiVibes Network Launched to Guide and Accelerate New Phase of Human Evolution

Wisdom traditions such as the Mayan and Native Hawaiian have indicated that one evolutionary age would end and another begin at the end of 2012.  Many believed there would be a literal end of the world brought on by some major catastrophe.  In fact, there was no tragic event or even a noticeable change in the structure of life on this planet.  None the less, major change, while very subtle in its current embryonic stage, is upon us.  A new Age has begun.   

This new age will not destroy or wash away the achievements of the past.  The recent phase of rapid development in science and technology will continue with new wonders continuing to unfold.  The change that is taking place is not a change in the physical makeup of the world although that will be dynamically impacted as a result.  The new age is the result of the ongoing process of the evolution of life on the planet.  We are beginning a time of heightened awareness – a shift in consciousness where more and more people come to realize that we are the designers of reality and not the victims of a world out of control or under the control of some power outside of ourselves.   

The PositiVibes Network is one of many organizations that will be formed to guide and accelerate the development of this new age.  Their objective will be the telling of new stories- new visions of reality.  As with any major cultural shift, there will be strong resistance.  The status quo of the past will fight to retain its validity but gradually the baton of leadership and influence will be passed.  The PositiVibes Network is tasked with spreading the vision and necessary knowledge for a future where reality is shaped by manipulating the non-physical dimension rather than the physical, material world.  The shift in consciousness is taking place on an individual basis but it will be the combined consciousnesses of individuals sharing knowledge of the new reality that will shape its progress and direction. 

Struggle and suffering will not be eliminated from the planet over night but the shifts in the structure of reality will become more evident as increasing numbers of people begin to function regularly at a higher level of consciousness.  There have always been individuals in every age who have known these truths and they were often recognized to be “enlightened” beings.  The shift that is taking place will take us all to a world where so called “enlightened” beings are the norm rather than an anomaly.  It is the belief of the PositiVibes Network that you are one of those beings even if you are not yet aware of it.  The PositiVibes Network has been formed to support you on the path to this awareness and the claiming of your inherent powers.   

To learn more, visit  The mission of The PositiVibes Network is to redefine reality, creating ever more carefree, prosperous and loving versions of reality.  The best way for you to serve the world is by being an example of the life you wish for all.  Believe in your dreams for a better world and we will create that world together.

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