Thursday, January 1, 2015

Having a Really Happy New Year

People get very caught up in their lives and take themselves very seriously most of the time.  That really is the normal way to be at our species' current stage of evolution. 

Most of you think you are simply an individual living creature with a somewhat arbitrary set of physical attributes that you got stuck with.  You believe you have only limited control over the circumstances and events you have come to accept as being the reality of the world you live in. 

As we start a new calendar year, maybe you are making a list of things you want to do and become in the months ahead.  All this is very good particularly if you take the step of actually writing your goals down.  If you put some emotion into your determination to achieve these goals it will give them more power.  Defining and writing down a goal is a good way to let the Universe know what you want – it is clarifying your “asking” because, “Ask and it is given”.  All that is required is that you have the faith in the fact that you will receive what you want.  That hints at the “reality” of your situation.

Here’s the limitation many people have – they base their belief in “achievable” goals on what they already believe they have.  This is why you will often hear that you need to have “realistic” goals.  What are “realistic” goals?  They are goals that based on your life experience you can believe you should be able to achieve with the right amount of effort and good fortune.  It is essential that you believe your goals are realistic - otherwise you will be unlikely to achieve them because you probably won’t be able to add the ingredient of faith that is crucial to the recipe of achievement.  So, what you need to learn is that your ability to believe in the achievability of your goal is your only limitation.  This is why so many people have very ordinary lives – they cannot see beyond what they have always known to be their reality.  They fail to realize that they can transform their reality if they choose to.

Here’s the piece of information that can help you change all of that with some practice.  You actually live in a magical world where everything is possible.  Most people have no idea of their true power.  You are “in reality” an unlimited being with the ability to create anything you can dream up.  There have always been those among us who knew this truth.  That is why some people achieve far more in their lives than would seem possible based on how they got started in life.  As the consciousness level of the species continues to evolve, more individuals are becoming aware of this truth.  As more people become accepting of this possibility, the idea flourishes like a seed planted in fertile soil.  It doesn’t need to be hard to make the shift but it does take discipline and practice before the growing belief in unlimited possibilities can break the barrier of knowing your limitations. 

To discover the MAGIC you need to learn how to believe in your creative power.  You need to reach a point where you realize that you can set an intention for anything your heart desires and have it appear like magic in your personal reality.  You absolutely have this power – that’s why the best possible goal you could set for yourself would be coming to a realization of this truth.  Work on it – it will surely produce a much happier New Year!

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