Sunday, January 11, 2015

The PositiVibes Network Launched to Guide and Accelerate New Phase of Human Evolution

Wisdom traditions such as the Mayan and Native Hawaiian have indicated that one evolutionary age would end and another begin at the end of 2012.  Many believed there would be a literal end of the world brought on by some major catastrophe.  In fact, there was no tragic event or even a noticeable change in the structure of life on this planet.  None the less, major change, while very subtle in its current embryonic stage, is upon us.  A new Age has begun.   

This new age will not destroy or wash away the achievements of the past.  The recent phase of rapid development in science and technology will continue with new wonders continuing to unfold.  The change that is taking place is not a change in the physical makeup of the world although that will be dynamically impacted as a result.  The new age is the result of the ongoing process of the evolution of life on the planet.  We are beginning a time of heightened awareness – a shift in consciousness where more and more people come to realize that we are the designers of reality and not the victims of a world out of control or under the control of some power outside of ourselves.   

The PositiVibes Network is one of many organizations that will be formed to guide and accelerate the development of this new age.  Their objective will be the telling of new stories- new visions of reality.  As with any major cultural shift, there will be strong resistance.  The status quo of the past will fight to retain its validity but gradually the baton of leadership and influence will be passed.  The PositiVibes Network is tasked with spreading the vision and necessary knowledge for a future where reality is shaped by manipulating the non-physical dimension rather than the physical, material world.  The shift in consciousness is taking place on an individual basis but it will be the combined consciousnesses of individuals sharing knowledge of the new reality that will shape its progress and direction. 

Struggle and suffering will not be eliminated from the planet over night but the shifts in the structure of reality will become more evident as increasing numbers of people begin to function regularly at a higher level of consciousness.  There have always been individuals in every age who have known these truths and they were often recognized to be “enlightened” beings.  The shift that is taking place will take us all to a world where so called “enlightened” beings are the norm rather than an anomaly.  It is the belief of the PositiVibes Network that you are one of those beings even if you are not yet aware of it.  The PositiVibes Network has been formed to support you on the path to this awareness and the claiming of your inherent powers.   

To learn more, visit  The mission of The PositiVibes Network is to redefine reality, creating ever more carefree, prosperous and loving versions of reality.  The best way for you to serve the world is by being an example of the life you wish for all.  Believe in your dreams for a better world and we will create that world together.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


A short time after finishing my book, Magic at the Edge of Creation, I came across a book by Hank Wesselman called The Bowl of Light.  The book recounts discussions with a highly respected Hawaiian teacher and healer, Hale Kealohalani Makua, who, as Mr. Wesselman states at the beginning of the book, “entrusted me with his spiritual knowledge and who encouraged me to bring it to a wider world.”  Makua was a modern day Shaman and direct descendent of a long line of Hawaiian Spiritual leaders.  The importance of this book to me was that it was a powerful validation of the story told by my book from a place far away in time and space and culture.  Reading it, while the metaphors differed, I found no contradictions to my presentation, only further illumination of the ideas.

Friends and family have asked me why I am so sure about what this life adventure we are each living is all about and all I can respond is that I just know it is so.  I really feel like my book wrote itself.  I am totally confident in the truth of its premises and my only hope is that I have presented the ideas in a manner that will be beneficial to many people.  I believe we are beginning the entry into the Sixth Level of Reality described in The Bowl of Light which interestingly enough began on 2013 during one of the conversations with Makua.  We have evolved through levels of pure survival to levels of ever increasing Spiritual awareness.  Gradually through thousands of years, we have gained awareness of our true nature as the shapers of our own and all of Creations destiny. 

From Wesselman’s book, “You see,” Makua said, his dark eyes gazing deeply into the far distance, “it is at the sixth level that we really begin to establish an ongoing and formal connection with ‘Aumakua, our Higher Self, and when we do, we find something that is very important.  This is when we discover ‘Aumakua, our personal god-self, was, is, and forever will be our true teacher in spirit.  This is why we will never find a better teacher than ourselves.”  Makua went on to say concerning this next cycle of existence, “This means that we have to create a new foundation for the next cycle, and what we decide to build on this will determine the spiritual focus as well as our lifeways for much of the next several thousand years.” 

“The Bowl of Light” has been like a message directly to me confirming to me why the concepts in my book can be so valuable to people as they seek to move to the next level.  The idea that you are in reality a spark of Divine consciousness that has given personality and creative power to a physical being in time and space is a powerful way to appreciate your role in the ongoing process of Creation.  The greater “You” knows all of this and has always known all but, “your name here”, is but one of a long line of personas that you have been experiencing and mastering life opportunities through.  Each time you are born you begin as a child but you bring with you “knowing” that you have previously gained or been provided with by others in your line of physical ancestry. 

Social conditioning is ever more pervasive and powerful as the Technology Age grows dramatically opening communication between all members of our world community.  As is discussed at length in Magic at the Edge of Creation, reality is totally subjective and a unique creation for each of us.  That said, we are bombarded each day with opinions and information claiming to define that reality and whatever we accept to be true will become true.  This is the central point at the heart of Magic at the Edge of Creation.  We must recognize that we are in control.  We must refuse to believe in “realities” that we don’t want!  That is why big social changes often take generations to happen.  The old beliefs must slowly fall out of favor to allow new ones to emerge as newer actors on the stage of life form their own viewpoint.  That’s the Magic at the Edge of Creation, our ability to create, through our own imaging, new realities that eventually become the new and improved story lines for the adventure of life.

You are an important part of this.  I believe we are entering a new age as indicated by Makua.  I believe it is very important that each of us take responsibility NOW for our personal evolution and thus the social and Spiritual evolution of the world we live in.  This is not a burden; it is a glorious quest, an adventure of mythical proportion. 

This is why I have suggested the analogy of playing a game for your life experience.  It is an adventure game and we are well past the focus on the physical dimension.  Yes, there will continue to be more wonderful scientific and technological developments but the real playing field has moved to a higher level.  You are now on a quest to engage with your higher self – that greater part of you that is infinite and all knowing – the God part of you.  Don’t get caught up in religious terms – those are only analogies often incorrectly portraying reality.  This is about energy and learning how to be a conduit for the infinite creative power and knowledge that is your true nature. 

Teaching that is the intent of my book.  My hope is that the words have been chosen and placed in a manner that seeds of awareness will be planted.  That you may have flashes of inspiration or maybe just confirmation of concepts you have already considered.  We have the power to transform reality and the better we get at transforming it in line with our hopes and dreams, the more joy and love and fun we will have in each of our life experiences.  That’s the real objective our role in the game – make the world a more carefree and loving place – everything else is just scenery.

Out first priority is figuring out how to play the game for ourselves.  If you are not having any fun, come up with a new approach because you only got into the game for fun and excitement.  Saving the World is really secondary but you will find the more you benefit all of Creation by your personal life example, the more satisfying a time you will have.  You will fill your life with appreciation, love and fun.  Many would say this was all a bunch of rubbish and there is no Divine order to things and you need to just accept that you are a victim of circumstance.  That’s your choice – that’s everyone’s choice but I believe that viewpoint is losing its predominance as we enter a new age.  That “conquer or be conquered” attitude served its purpose very well but its time is past.  Hopefully you are ready to join us in writing the next chapters of human history.

That is the intent of The PositiVibes Network.  The intent is to come together to write new stories, new visions of the world we want to live in - to combine the energy of our visions to shape a new Reality for all.  I encourage you to read Magic at the Edge of Creation and share in the vision of The PositiVibes Network – it’s a glorious adventure if you choose to play the game.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Having a Really Happy New Year

People get very caught up in their lives and take themselves very seriously most of the time.  That really is the normal way to be at our species' current stage of evolution. 

Most of you think you are simply an individual living creature with a somewhat arbitrary set of physical attributes that you got stuck with.  You believe you have only limited control over the circumstances and events you have come to accept as being the reality of the world you live in. 

As we start a new calendar year, maybe you are making a list of things you want to do and become in the months ahead.  All this is very good particularly if you take the step of actually writing your goals down.  If you put some emotion into your determination to achieve these goals it will give them more power.  Defining and writing down a goal is a good way to let the Universe know what you want – it is clarifying your “asking” because, “Ask and it is given”.  All that is required is that you have the faith in the fact that you will receive what you want.  That hints at the “reality” of your situation.

Here’s the limitation many people have – they base their belief in “achievable” goals on what they already believe they have.  This is why you will often hear that you need to have “realistic” goals.  What are “realistic” goals?  They are goals that based on your life experience you can believe you should be able to achieve with the right amount of effort and good fortune.  It is essential that you believe your goals are realistic - otherwise you will be unlikely to achieve them because you probably won’t be able to add the ingredient of faith that is crucial to the recipe of achievement.  So, what you need to learn is that your ability to believe in the achievability of your goal is your only limitation.  This is why so many people have very ordinary lives – they cannot see beyond what they have always known to be their reality.  They fail to realize that they can transform their reality if they choose to.

Here’s the piece of information that can help you change all of that with some practice.  You actually live in a magical world where everything is possible.  Most people have no idea of their true power.  You are “in reality” an unlimited being with the ability to create anything you can dream up.  There have always been those among us who knew this truth.  That is why some people achieve far more in their lives than would seem possible based on how they got started in life.  As the consciousness level of the species continues to evolve, more individuals are becoming aware of this truth.  As more people become accepting of this possibility, the idea flourishes like a seed planted in fertile soil.  It doesn’t need to be hard to make the shift but it does take discipline and practice before the growing belief in unlimited possibilities can break the barrier of knowing your limitations. 

To discover the MAGIC you need to learn how to believe in your creative power.  You need to reach a point where you realize that you can set an intention for anything your heart desires and have it appear like magic in your personal reality.  You absolutely have this power – that’s why the best possible goal you could set for yourself would be coming to a realization of this truth.  Work on it – it will surely produce a much happier New Year!

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