Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Listen In Silence and Find Yourself

Spirit whispers to us through the gap between our thoughts and the slightest sensation in our body. This is why spending time in the silence is so important. When we think of healing as the return of the memory of wholeness as the body, mind, spirit and environment, we begin to understand why we must learn to quiet our minds.

We can do this through formal meditation or through breathing awareness or just by sitting with our eyes closed, being still, and listening for fifteen or twenty minutes.
The activity of the mind may be difficult to quiet in the beginning, but eventually quiet will come. And into that blessed quietness, insight and knowledge will flow to us.
This is the truth about me: "Divine life does flow through me at all times". In the silence I become attuned to the essence of all that is.
Deepak Chopra and Ras John

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