Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Promise

The promise of this book, “Magic at the Edge of Creation – Transforming Reality”, is that by adopting the perspective that you are an adventurer in a Creation game, you can learn to write your own script – design the adventure that you want to live. 
This does not mean that you will have no struggles or obstacles to deal with – they are crucial for your growth and creative skill development.  The value in adopting this view of reality is that you will know you have the ability to positively affect not only your own life but all of Creation.  You will also know that you don’t have to do anything special if you don’t want to but you will probably discover things that you hoped to accomplish before your spark of consciousness jumped into this physical world.  You are the bridge between infinite non-physical essence and the reality of physical manifestation.  Each of us is a speck of stardust giving consciousness to our avatar, your name here, that is seeing and feeling and most importantly shaping this 3-D physical world.  The “Magic at the Edge of Creation” stems from your choice to deliberately use your creative power. 

In this book you will learn that there are really three of “you”.  First is your higher self that is infinite and one with God or Source or The Force – the Universal energy field that is the fabric of all Creation.  Then there is the lower “ego-self” you that is the “you” most of us primarily identify with.  Ego you has examined and cataloged absolutely everything you have ever seen, experienced or been told and formed its world view of reality based on all of this information - just as you would expect from the powerful bio-computer that it is.  But like any computer, the information that comes out is only as good as what goes in.  Your ego self also does not want to accept that there is any other “you”.  Ego you is the basic operating system you came with and can only store and analyze data – it cannot create anything new and in fact distrusts anything it does not “know” to be true from experience.  Finally, there is the point of consciousness “you” that is like a single computer linked to a cloud network of infinite dimension (the network connection is always there but we often erect a near impenetrable firewall).  That is the part of you that has access to potentially unlimited creative power - the force that can shape and manipulate the material world for better or worse.   

Creating new Realities is not easy because your ego-self will defend the existing world view with a determination and persistence that can be very difficult to get past.  The “default” setting for your avatar’s bio-computer is that the ego’s view IS reality.  “The Magic at the Edge of Creation” is intended to help each of us remember our true identity as infinite and powerful creative beings.   This guidebook provides the ego self with a new perspective on what reality is that respects its role but opens it up to the possibility that new realities are possible and that it can play a part in shaping them.  While you, (your name here), can never be separated from your infinite Soul-self, most of us only have fleeting moments of direct contact – many sadly may feel lost and alone with no conscious contact at all with their “real” self.  The wonder-filled message of “Magic at the Edge of Creation” is that this is an ability that can be learned and that with belief, practice and determination there is no limit to your Creative power.
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