Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Premise...

Is it an interesting science fiction story or a very useful perspective on who we each really are?


The “you” who you think you are can appropriately be called an “avatar”.  What’s an avatar?  In the digital technology of the game world an avatar is a graphical image that represents a person.  In Hindu Mythology an avatar is the incarnation of a God in physical form.  Both of those concepts fit our analogy.  By the time the avatar becomes an adult, most of us are convinced we are totally on our own.   We may have no recollection of what we got into the game to accomplish (or even that it was a game).  The closest we may come to the truth of the matter might be a belief in “God” or some supreme being that is controlling the world.  We have to just hope we can figure out how to do things as this “God” wants us to or we are certain to be punished either during or after a short and probably meaningless lifetime finishes.

It’s actually an adventure game you are a part of whether you realize it or not.  When the “you” that is in this game is born, a memory of the greater part of You – we’ll call it Soul You - and the many games you have already played slowly fades as you focus on learning how to function in the game you have landed in.  The key purpose of the game is to provide Soul-You with experience and adventure through the evolution of physical Creation.  The game is where ALL the action is.  The bigger you is pure energy – an individualized Soul inseparable from the infinite non-physical realm that might commonly be called God.  Each of us is a player with an important part to play - as points of Divine consciousness, we are “the hands of God” in action.

For the “life” model for which this hopefully will serve as a very useful guide book, we are using an analogy for your life that it is an adventure game... an immensely complex interactive virtual reality adventure game.  It’s an adventure game where the entire World is our stage.  The greater Soul-Self part of us cast us in this role in the game before we were born - we may very well have forgotten at this point but we are always trying to accomplish the objectives of that part.  We have the ability to direct our character any way that we desire.  Not everyone wants to be the hero – some people may choose to play the villain and there are always plenty of people expecting that a villain is going to come along to get them.  We will spend more time on the distinctions and evaluations of the parts people play in the book but I want to note that the “villains” are not “bad” people on a cosmic level – we need them for the various plot lines that are unfolding - they are simply fulfilling the expectations of other players in the game and are thus vital to the game.  What kind of adventure could you have if there weren’t any potential dangers and obstacles to overcome or avoid?   

Here we are on game world Earth.  We are each playing a part and interacting with all the other players.  Consensus of opinion has created the dominant elements of our current reality along with many viewpoints on what equates to “success”.  Because it is a role playing game, “success” is going to be very different for different players.  Some will be heroes and some will be villains.  A murderer, at this stage in our conscious social evolution is an essential part of the game because we have people who fear/expect to be victims as well as others who want to have the chance to catch “bad” guys.  Now, if you are following along with this scenario, it points to a concept that may be hard to accept by many:  “good” and “bad” are non-existent in the way we normally think about them.  They are unavoidable elements in the game – for now anyway.  While it would seem highly desirable to live in a world without killing, crime and disease, at our present stage of conscious evolution, those elements are still very much a part of the “reality” of the game.  In some areas of the planet, it is still deemed acceptable to wipe out entire groups of people.  Do the people doing the raping, pillaging and killing think it is wrong?  No – and many of them may be really enjoying their role – they might be quite happy about it.  If you don’t realize that it is all just a game where no one can ever really be hurt, then the horror of some of the events on our planet can be overwhelming.  The biggest problem is that if you get caught up in the “horror”, you are just adding fuel to the fire.  As we will discuss, if you focus your energy on the negative elements, you are only going to empower them and attract more of the same into the game.  The way to positively transform the reality of the game is to create images of things as you would like them to be and generate a belief in a new and improved reality.

The objective of this guidebook is to wake more people up to a realization of their true identity and the fact that they are not here to suffer; we are supposed to be having a good time.  You hopefully are willing to accept the responsibility that you are the Creator of your own personal reality - many people get caught in the trap of playing the victim.  A victim just reacts to things that happen in the adventure game and thus will tend to expect the worst.  It is easy to fall prey to the victim trap because it is kind of a default setting for each of us.  Being a creator consistently, takes discipline and the purpose of this book is to provide some processes and ways of looking at things that will be useful to you in exercising more control.  What’s the meaning of life, why are we here?  The main purpose we should adopt in this magnificent outpost here on planet Earth is to be a force to add beauty, joy and love to Creation.  If you are enjoying your life most of the time, you are on the right track.  The central purpose of this book is to provide you with ideas and strategies to help make sure you continuously strengthen your control of your creative powers to better manifest the things you want to do and have in your reality.

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