Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thank You!

Thank YOU for the Joy and Love you are always contributing to our World. That contribution is vital to the positive evolution of life on this planet. That sounds like a BIG deal and it is! My hope is that we can get more people to realize they are playing an active role in creating the future quality of life for all of us. It is urgent that we reach people with a message that they are responsible - they can control the design of their life experience by how they think and act. If we want the world to change we must create a compelling vision for that world. Our combined creative positive visualization will gradually cause a shift in the status quo. Each person that begins to share in that vision will add energy to the ongoing positive transforming of reality. The best part of this concept is that it all begins with you. The best way you can serve all of Creation is by filling your own life with fun, love and prosperity. It is often said that the best way to teach is by example. Your example will not only provide a model for others but the energy you send out to the Universe will actively attract more PositiVibes to the world around us. We each contain a spark of divine consciousness linking us to each other and all of Creation. You are an immortal Spirit inhabiting a physical form to have an adventure and contribute to the evolution of consciousness and physical manifestation. You can do whatever you want but you came with great expectations. The book, Magic at the Edge of Creation - Transforming Reality is a guidebook of sorts about your story and mine that will hopefully be very helpful in providing a framework allowing you to maximize your potential. The book is available at I am hopeful that you will get a copy of the book and share the ideas with others. Please post a review with your thoughts as well. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Spectacular year ahead. Love and Thanks to You always for your efforts in Positively Transforming the World!

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