Monday, October 6, 2014

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TRANSFORMING REALITY: Magic at the Edge of Creation

We are evolving, creative beings and it is in our nature to live based on expansion, just like the Universe as a whole. All of Creation is continually expanding and that is part of your make-up as well. That’s why new wonders and creations are continuously becoming part of our shared reality. Plants and animals pretty much just live moment to moment in a preprogrammed way only changing their patterns as they adapt to new conditions on the playing field of their life adventures. Us, on the other hand, we are born to be Creators. We have very active minds eager for enjoyment and growth. From the moment we are born we are cataloging and exploring and seeking things and experiences that bring us satisfaction and fun. This is a guidebook to help you excel in your adventure.

ISBN #: 978-1-312-55820-5
Content ID: 15328376
Book Title: Transforming Reality - Magic At the Edge of Creation

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