Saturday, November 16, 2013

Who am I?

I am starting to make some distinctions about who I am.  The me that is always talking in my head is who I think I am.  The trouble with that is that "me" is just a construction the Spirit unbounded I am has put in charge of this body that I am adventuring in.  This local me functions on this world stage based on beliefs I it has created based on appearances and ideas from other entities that have been interacted with.

The trouble with all of those beliefs is that they are mostly about limitation and seperateness.  Everything has a label (name).  Things happen to me.  And all day and night long, that ME voice keeps defining and judging and reacting to what it has decided is real.  The problem again is that the reality the me is believing in is only real because of the belief.  Change the beliefs and you change reality.

That is not easy though because me believes everything that it believes and each belief continuously reinforces itself by generating evidence of its truth and reality.  They are all self fulfilling prophesies as like attracts like through the Law of Attraction.  So, if you can change the way you think about things, you will change your life experience.  This is not easy because me has invested a great deal of big brain thinking power to decide what reality is and as a very material world entity, me has a hard time thinking anything that can't be seen and touched - experienced directly by the senses - is real.

Luckily there is one sense that can cut through the illusions - the creations of me.  That sense is emotion.  Emotion is the sixth sense.  It is like a guidance system.  Moving in the direction of and believing in any way can be evaluated by how good or bad it feels.  Those feelings are provided by the Real BIG I Am that has me playing this virtual reality game and often believing me is out here all on my own fighting for survival.  I am actually supposed to be working to move the shared belief in what reality is to a happier more wonderful place and inspire as many others as I have the opportunity to join me in positively advancing creation.

Another reason this is often such a big challenge is that me believes you can't get anything without effort.  Effort implies resistance and that is what makes it different than action.  Belief in resistance is ME's biggest blunder.  It's the big obstacle built into the game.  I guess that means it is important and necessary.  It is a factor that if we can learn or remember how the game really works - we are here as creators given the ability to create what ever we believe we can create - we stop believing that life is a struggle, that we have to fight our way ahead.  That's why the best definition of Enlightenment is the realization that resistance is an illusion.

I think me has to ponder on that a bit...

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