Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Life Adventure - Introduction

This is the story of a Life Adventure that is unfolding as I write these words – you are in the midst of creating your own story as you read this and new chapters are being written each day by both of us.  Whether you recognize it or not, you are writing a unique story right now and this story and yours are intertwined in an elaborate tapestry of creativity.  It is hard to always be clear on why we are here and it is very easy to get off course.  There are no accidents... nothing actually happens by chance.  You are doing it all... we are connected in the real reality and we are out here on the cutting edge of creation trying to become really good players at this game we have chosen to play. 

Why are we here?  For an adventure.  It’s like why you – in this 4D reality - play a video game or get involved in any new adventure… it’s for the fun and excitement.  This is a challenge.  We are each powerful creators and we are actively building on all the creation that has proceeded us, attempting to move it forward… attempting to add new energy and excitement, joy and fun to the collective adventure.  Not everyone is here for that of course – some of us are here to challenge and test the rest of us – the bad guys and bully’s are important to us if we are to build our strength and skill as guardians and builders and caretakers of the Universe.

So, nice to meet you – we share a great adventure, a heroic quest of vanquishing demons and becoming masters of the magic of deliberate creation.  We are at the leading edge of all creation, right here, right now.  Moment to moment we are creating new realities whether we choose to accept the responsibility or not.  This story is about learning and discovery and hopefully has a happy ending.  It’s our own choice of course.  Now, one important note:  the voice that is constantly talking in your mind and may be saying all of these ideas are goofy is not you.  It is just a bio-computer output that is constantly scanning, labeling, storing impressions, interpretations and opinions that it is exposed to.  IT believes it knows all about reality but its limitation is that it believes “reality” happens to it.  IT accepts no responsibility for what’s going on and even if it does “intellectually” - it still can have great difficulty getting around appearances.  If a doctor tells you that you have six months to live, that bio-computer that you have created to control your avatar in this game has a hard time saying and BELIEVING that the doctors declaration does not have to have any credibility – you can reject that outcome and do something else. 

It is a difficult situation.  You have created this persona with the help of input from parents and friends, social media... the barrage of information that has shaped who you think you are and put it at the controls.  You do need it to operate in this virtual reality world we inhabit.  The problem is that all of us start to believe everything it says and since the basic program we have to work with is designed to protect us from threats – it would rather hide in a cave to be safe than to boldly go where no one has gone before – we are more likely to expect the worst rather than the best and that then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
And so, here we are with my particular life story – not that unlike yours although the events were things I dreamed up – we may have only slightly affected each other or some of us may have been prominent characters interacting in this play. The hope is that together as we share this journey, we can each work on rewriting some of the story line and help our avatar and bio-computer do a better job at shaping "reality" and performing our part in the adventure.

“All the world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players” William Shakespeare

Prologue to a life adventure that is still being written and will be published before it is finished.

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