Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Fresh Start

Today is a new beginning.

I have decided to conclude the PreviewNet chapters and start a new section in the book.

I dreamed up Transforming Reality a little over a year ago and now after a few false starts, I have found the vehicle to take it forward.  I have found a new mentor partner collaborator in a magical guy by the name of W.R. Carney III.  The Universe has brought us together on purpose... or more accurately to give us an exciting dream that we can choose to make a reality.

There have been some others that came into the mix over the last year... a Wall Street hot shot looking for redemption and maybe his own new start... a supposed advanced Spirit with some great ideas but not quite yet walking the walk... a self-made biz wiz, Dad and Coach looking to give back but with too many balls in the air and looking for others struggling to survive to make it happen... there have also been some real villains - evil characters that I have drawn into my story for some reason - no one is inherently evil I guess but some people do take on that roll in life... and there have been a false friend or two to throw in a dose of betrayal. All these things are what create some drama and then that exciting rising above it like the Phoenix from the ashes to glorious and joyous new heights.  That's where this story in going.

The past is prologue and all of the lessons have been important.  But you cannot let yourself get stuck in the muck of what is.  You need to know where you are going.  I am very excited about the next section of the book.  It will see me catapulted onto a much larger stage.  My goal has always been to be a source or fountain of PositiVibes... to make a tangible contribution to a happier, more loving world.  I knew the Coach's concept was right - working with kids is where you can impact real change the fastest - they are not yet set in their ways.  They are still in the early stages of writing their story and are open to influence and inspiration more so than those who have been writing and re-writing their story for years.

WR has created a very nice story line with a program that is build around the concept of Teaching the Sport of Business to students.  It has a shopping card with discounts and rewards that can be sold to generate an income.  It encourages the students to get involved in promoting local businesses and has L.A.B. training program where they are taught positive business skills.

So, I'm jumping on board.  WR thinks I can play an important part in nurturing his dream for a better future.  I like the idea.  It fits perfectly with what Transforming Reality set out to be - a source of positive ideas with an income component.  We have a new congruency.  So, time to step out on a new adventure - life really is wonderful isn't it!

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