Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Things don't always happen as you expect but they happen for your good.

With each day I accept more and more my true ability to shape my own reality.
Whenever distress or fear or uncertainty comes into my awareness, I consciously move my thoughts to appreciation.  As I take time to consider all of the things I am grateful for, I am recharged with energy to radiate to the world around me. I see this positive energy flowing out as a blessing to all I come in contact with.  I see all that I need and want flowing back to me along the waves of positive energy I am radiating.  The Universe responds with energy and inspiration to manifest my wants and desires into my personal reality.

A Mantra –Sat, Chit, Ananda—Existence, Consciousness, Bliss

Everything really does happen for your good.  Doesn't feel like it sometimes of course but it's all how you respond.  There is a great book out by Richard Bach... another great book I should say since he has had several.  This one is called Travels with Puff: A Gentle Game of Life and Death. It is filled with wisdom intertwined with the story of his transcontinental flight in a small SeaRey plane named Puff.  Richard talks about "coincidence" in one section where an airport runway is closed for re-paving (which does not happen often) and thus he ends up at an airport 25 miles further along that just happens to have hanger space available to have the plane out of the weather (which does not happen often) and unexpectedly, severe weather hits that would most certainly have damaged Puff if she were stuck outside and not protected by the hanger... things happen that way.  Maybe we call it luck.  Richard believes and I concur, we rather think of it as guardian Spirits or angel allies helping us out.

Recently, although I didn't think it was totally on my own choosing, I exited from my role with a group of local community news magazines.  I probably would have been rather upset about this if I was not convinced that even though I didn't consciously plan it this way, it was required for me to be successful in getting what I really want.  I have recently formed a new company called Transforming Reality (you can find out more about that at www.TransformingReality.com).  One of my partners in the new company is also a key figure behind an organization called the Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation.  This is a non-profit with a mission to help kids - help kids learn and understand the basics of living a successful and happy life.  They provide academic mentoring, athletic coaching and career guidance to kids who would probably never have access to it without their help.  

Well, if the runway hadn't been closed (the sudden exit from the community news magazines) I might never have been able to make my new focus raising money through sponsorship's and donations for Keeping Dreams Alive.  Here's a great quote from Richard's new book:  "If I have learned one lesson in all my days, it's this: The more we believe there's invisible guidance in our lives, the more it's true for us, and the more it works every day."

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