Thursday, August 8, 2013


As I accept that I truly have great power as a transformational being... that I have the ability to convert an image in my mind into a tangible manifested reality in my life, my joy and excitement continue to increase. 

A Mantra –Om Daksham Namah—My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort

The accepting.  That's the challenging part.  When you are in pain with a broken arm, it can be very difficult to see your arm fully healed and pain free.  The current reality gets in the way of the transformation.  It's the same when any reality of the moment is not what you want it to be... it is hard to believe it is only an illusion AND that you fully have the power to manifest a different reality if you will really accept that you have that power - that everything in your "reality" is your creation SO OF COURSE YOU CAN CHANGE IT! 

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