Sunday, August 4, 2013

Keeping Dreams Alive

I have been on this path of Transforming Reality - convinced of the fact that each of us can shape our reality on a moment to moment basis and have our dreams come true - for some time.  For the last year I have been actively seeking a platform from which to share these ideas with more people. is the piece that has come together so far and it provides a lot of very useful information to anyone that visits.  Eventually it will be the meeting place for a worldwide community of like-minded individuals seeking to Positively Transform their personal realities and the world around them.

My personal dream of being able to wake people up to the fact that they can live the life of their most wonderful dreams and have lives full of prosperity, joy and love has lead me to an organization called Keeping Dreams Alive.  It has been developing for over 10 years and is now put the pieces in place to expand its reach in South Florida and beyond.  They work with kids by coaching and mentoring them with success strategies and through empowering them to believe that their dreams can come true.  Many of the kids come from low income families and the help of Keeping Dreams Alive is just what they need to reach a whole new level of personal achievement.

Our blog here will let you know how things are going and ways you may be able to help - donations will always be a good thing - I will actively working at raising money to expand their operations and the number of kids they reach through donations and sponsorship opportunities.  You can download a complete overview of the organization at:

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