Monday, August 5, 2013

And So We Begin... Again

     I am a powerful creative being open to positively transforming my life.  The world all around me responds to the energy I am transmitting moment to moment.  In my mind’s eye I build a vision of how I want my life to be.  I live in an abundant and infinite Universe.

A Mantra –Om Bhavam Namah—I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities

Each day is a new beginning... a fresh start... almost a clean slate.  We have the beliefs and vibrations we were broadcasting the day before still carrying some momentum but we can shift that momentum with a changed state of mind.  

All is well... everything always works out for me!  Today everything will transform in wondrous ways to begin making my dreams a reality.  I am joyful, thankful and full of excited anticipation for what is coming.

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