Saturday, July 20, 2013

Read the Affirmation and then meditate with the suggested mantra for 15-20 minutes... it will be nice!

I am a powerful creative being continuously evolving 
and allowing positive transformation in my life.  The 
world all around me responds to the energy I am 
transmitting moment to moment.  In my mind’s eye I 
build a vision of how I want my life to be.  I open 
myself to allowing all of my hopes and dreams to flow 
into reality.  Joy and Love are my compass and staying 
centered on those feelings keep me on course.  

With each day I accept more and more my true ability 
to shape my own reality.  Whenever distress or fear or 
uncertainty comes into my awareness, I consciously 
move my thoughts to appreciation.  I see the positive 
energy of Love and Joy flowing out as a blessing to all 
I come in contact with.  I see all that I need and want 
flowing back to me along the waves of positive energy 
I am radiating.  The Universe responds with energy 
and inspiration to manifest my wants and desires into 
my personal reality. 
I live in an abundant and infinite Universe. 

As I radiate more joy and enthusiasm, love and 
thanksgiving, I become an ever more powerful magnet 
attracting people and events that bring me new 
opportunities to contribute to the positive 
transformation of the world around me. 

As I stay centered on joy and good feelings, wellness 
and prosperity spread wherever I go and in all I touch.  
I am truly blessed with the awareness of this positive 
transformational power and grateful for each 
opportunity to share it with the world.  Moment to 
moment, my life is filled with enthusiasm, abundance, 
love and joy. I gratefully radiate the energy of positive 
transformation to all around me. 

A Mantra –Sat, Chit, Ananda - Existence, Consciousness, Bliss 

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