Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Let It Go!

So, we are trying to write a good script for the day and a great new chapter of our life.  If things are not currently falling into place as you would like, it is probably time to just let go.  If you are too attached to the outcome you are seeking, it can result in a lot of frustration.  You start beating up on yourself either asking what you are doing wrong or why you are not doing enough of the things you think you need to do get the results you want.  Maybe you even start feeling like you should blame someone or something other than yourself for what is going on or not going on.  You know you just need to get back to having fun and being carefree but the circumstances make it seem impossible.

What can be done?  Just let go and put all the problems in the hands of Source – mentally throw it out to the Universal Energy Field and ask for the answers.  A course correction is clearly needed. 
Obviously you need work on improving your mood as quickly as possible.  If you sit around feeling sorry for yourself, you’ll just attract more things to feel sorry for yourself about.  So, again, let the problem go.  You don’t have to solve it.  The answer will come to you if you put the question out there and then expectantly – and ideally enthusiastically – listen for inspiration.  Spending some extra time in meditation might be useful or going for a bike ride or petting your cat – anything to allow you to let go of your concern… fear… anger and other emotions that are not going to help you reset your course in a positive direction.  Using a statement like “everything always works out for me” can be helpful.  A dose of gratitude can work wonders – start general so you can get away from the immediate issues – we live in a wondrous world with much beauty – there bound to be people and things in your life you can feel happy about – get those feelings going.  Just let the other stuff go for a bit.

Get some gratitude bubbling up in you.  We live in a rich, abundant Universe and we have access to an energy field of infinite possibilities.  Trust that your answer is on its way and listen for it… that little voice of intuition in your head is your personal connection to the network, the Universal energy field.  You have a whole bunch of Spirits out there eager to help you get anything you want accomplished.  You just have to allow the inspiration to flow through to your consciousness.  Make a connection with Source.  Prayer, meditation, petting your cat, a walk in the woods – step away from the problems and listen for your answers.

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