Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Social Entrepreneurs - People Helping People

A Community of Social Entrepreneurs on a Mission to Nurture Positive Transformation.

Building personal prosperity is a natural part of positive transformation. Transforming Reality provides the structure for members of the community to be “social entrepreneurs” generating income through the marketing of the various products and services offered by the community. The program will combine elements of a discount buying club and a co-op marketplace. For a small annual registration fee ($35.00) individuals will become part of the community and have a position within the marketing network. That registration fee will allow them to purchase all company products and services at their wholesale price and be a re-seller of each of those products. Community members will be able to purchase products at a wholesale price and resell them for a profit. Each Transforming Reality Community Member also has the opportunity to earn commissions based on the combined sales of a network of individuals they organize to promote and market the available products and services.

The opportunity to have a hand in and benefit from the building of a co-operative marketing network can be a very satisfying adventure. This is Social Entrepreneurialism at its best. A business of people helping people – helping people build a business with your success growing the more you are able to help others build their success – and helping people on the road to positive personal transformation through the marketing and promotion of positive products and services.
While selling products and services as an independent marketing agent, you will be able to enlist the help of others by building your own network of transformational marketing partners. Every sale made by the marketing network you build will be commissionable to you in each month that you have at least $175 in personal purchases and sales (based on wholesale price). The key to a co-operative sales network is through the power of multiplication – you and others duplicating a simple strategy. It is a shared work effort. 

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