Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All The World is a Stage

All the world is a stage and all of the men and women merely players… That’s a famous line from one of Shakespere’s many great plays. It’s also a profound statement. Do you understand that in addition to being a player on the stage of life, you are also the writer and director for everything that happens to you in your life?

The expectations… belief… the perception of what is going to happen in your life day to day is what actually happens. If you are worried about the lack of anything, lack of that will be your reality – that’s the script you have written through the energy you are radiating out to the Universe. It can be a tough assignment, particularly if you happen to be in pain for example – trying to find a feeling to internalize of being pain free can be hard. A good way to move forward with re-writing your day to day script can be to say “It will be nice to not feel this pain anymore” – that way you can capture if only briefly how you will feel without the pain. If you can keep coming back to the pain free feeling, the pain will gradually disappear as you take energy away from it.

If you want a happy, joyful life, just try to do whatever you can to feel happy and joyful as much of the time as possible and that will be your reality more and more and more… JB

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