Sunday, March 31, 2013

Change is a constant of the Universe – whether we like it or not.  Many of us don’t particularly like change.  If things are going OK, don’t rock the boat… don’t try to fix it if it ain’t broke.  If you are in that boat, I think you will find the weather on the sea of life is going to move you around anyway.  I believe in evolution – it usually moves slowly but it never stops.  Everything is constantly evolving… moving toward greater fulfillment of potential and also constantly creating new potentials by imagining what might be.  We are all on the front lines of that creative process and the speed is picking up. 

If you are more than fifty years old, just think back about the technological and social changes that have taken place in your life.  Remember when you dialed a phone?  Remember when if you were a darker skinned person you had to sit at the back of the bus?  Remember when writing a letter with a pen and a piece of paper and sending it off with the postman was how you communicated with distant friends and businesses? 

It’s all changed.  We are constantly reinventing the way things are done with a driving mission to make things better.  Make things easier and increase their functionality.  That’s evolution.  We don’t always get it right – we clearly need to come up with a new primary fuel source – oil and coal are almost “dark ages” fuels.  The energy source for our planetary spaceship is the Sun so it would seem reasonable that finding ways to harness that power would make the most sense. 

But, here is the exciting reality – we are very creative, determined creatures.  Everything we do is driven by a belief that by doing it or creating it we will have happier, more enjoyable lives.  That hope, that joyful belief in our ability to create something better is the source of our creative power.  We get frustrated sometimes when things seem to be getting worse rather than better but it is that “pebble in our shoe” that pushes us to come up with the new idea. 

And so it is springtime again.  New growth in the natural world allows for environments to be reformed in new patterns.  What seeds of ideas or desires do you have that are ready to burst into life?  You are one of reality’s design team – what hopes and dreams for a better world can you invest some of your emotional energy in?  Change is inevitable and it is a good thing.  A heartfelt thought of encouragement for another can be a catalyst for positive change.  Maybe you will come up with a more efficient way to harness solar energy in your garage.  You, us, them – we are all part of it.  Creating change and moving creation forward day by day.  Always move toward what makes you feel good about life and we will be on the right track. 

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