Tuesday, February 12, 2019

DEATH: The Grand Illusion

QUESTION:  This is a difficult subject for me . Not too sure about this extension of life or a different phase of our existence stuff .  I mean , how do we know?  We truly will never know until we die...now will we? It does frighten me a little. The uncertainty. What happens after? No calming rational appears to me.

RESPONSE:  Letting go of any fear or concern about death is definitely the big leap of faith.  However one of our bedrock Laws of Science indicate that you as an energy form cannot be destroyed.
In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. For instance, chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite. 
As I discuss in my book, I think the appropriate view of "a lifetime" is to consider it as one book in a long series of adventures of the Soul/Spirit/Life Force that created the character of Alan to explore the 3D time space reality world here on Earth.  After Alan dies you will maintain whatever individuality you choose but also be totally a part of what we can can Universal Mind (or God).  Particularly if you choose to call this God, it is important to realize that you are not separate from this all encompassing energy field, you are it.  You have access to all knowledge, thought and story since the beginning of time.  At this point you may choose to "be" and observe Creation through the eyes and feelings of all the Alan's currently playing in the material/time/space realm.  Possibly you will want to give some help/inspiration or support to fellow Spirits in the material world (I think you will discover that we do travel through existence in clusters - friend Spirits (you know like when you meet someone for the first time but you feel like you have known each other before).  Maybe you are ready for more action and want to pick a new character to live.  The stores we create are the tales of God Creating the physical world and it is ongoing and ever evolving.  We didn't really do it in seven days - it took a long while before the stage was set for free thinking, self determining beings like us humans to start playing.  Unlike most of the rest of living creatures, we had free will.  We were totally capable of making mistakes and being foolish but that is the very thing that drives Creation in ever more interesting and entertaining directions.  It is both our struggles and triumphs that make it a great game.  When we are in the game we are the entertainment for "God" as creation unfolds through our hearts minds (again, God is just the consciousness of ALL of us - including other animals and all consciousness in any form).

It should be pointed out that no where in this story is there "judgement".  Karma is an operating principle in the game but there is no judgement.  You don't have to qualify to realign your awareness with the infinite (heaven is a word often used).  No matter how badly you screw up a story, when you die you are freed from trauma like waking up from a bad dream and realizing it was "just" a dream.

What's the point of "life" ?  To try and come up with satisfying and enjoyable experiences, use your creativity to overcome obstacles and add new elements to the playing field here on planet Earth (or whatever game world you happen to be playing on).  Remember that while in the game, GOD/infinite intelligence/infinite YOU and ME are experiencing everything through us like watching the movie of our adventures, struggles and triumphs - rooting for each of us by the way and encouraging us to discover our true power to benefit all of Creation.  How much fun and love can you bring to the game?  All of Creation is cheering you on and ready to inspire and guide you as much as you are willing to accept the help.

How's that for a story?

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

"Thou Art God."
Valentine Michael Smith

As difficult as it may be for you to believe, the REAL You is far more than the character you probably believe yourself to be.  (Your name here) is only a very small part of who you really are.  You have "imagined" this character into being so that you may go adventuring in a physical world of time, matter and space. Once you can accept that this concept may be true you can embark on a path to learning how to command your true ability to transform and create physical reality.  You will learn that your BELIEFS create your reality.  If you are willing take a leap of faith and test these ideas you will find that you can determine your future by intention and that you can "walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil" because You are in control. The Designer of Reality™ program offers some insights to help you discover your full potential as a creative being.

It is really just a matter of learning to accept that you are an immortal expression of an infinite energy field that has designed a character, (your name here), to interact with the time space reality we find ourselves in.

Your doubts are your only barrier to doing whatever you may dream of doing. If you are suffering from any anxiety or fears, you can free yourself - these are self-imposed limitations. They can only be if you choose them - with a little practice you will begin to make improved choices.  There are some mental skills you need to learn but all that is required to become the powerful "Designer of Reality" you are destined to become is to let all of your fears and worries go. It will take some mental effort and the awareness of a few important concepts but there is no reason that you cannot do it in this lifetime.  It is as easy as consistently seeking out those things that bring you joy and appreciation and wasting none of your energy worrying about the "unwanted".

Make HOPE, LOVE and JOY the forces that drive your every action and decision.

The energy you channel will transform the world in wonderful ways.  It is those like you who learn this truth that will help prevent others from sinking into a pit of fear, despair and sadness. As the consciousness level of the planet is elevated by your influence, bigotry, hatred, anger, jealousy and disease will be more and more diminished with each passing day.

We want to encourage you to dis-connect from the reality that is promoted by the "bad news" media and "entertainment" industries.  Once you know why these fragments of the human experience get so much attention it will be easier to rise above them.

Yes, there are unwanted things happening all around us but focusing our attention on them magnifies their impact and the "reciprocal exchange" effect of karma and the Law of Attraction will only cause more of the same - you should eliminate or at least keep to a minimum your exposure to BAD news and "negative" people.

Your mission will be to keep your focus on the people and things that are RIGHT with the World.  Believe in and promote those who are working to positively transform the planet in big and small ways.  If we are to assure a more rapid positive evolution in consciousness for the planet your participation is urgently needed.

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the evolution of human consciousness that will transform our species over the coming decades.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Trouble with TO-DO Lists

Right away when you think about a TO-DO list you may very often start feeling overwhelmed.  It may be because you have not written out a to-do list for yourself and you know all about the saying people that fail to plan, plan on failing.  That's what a to-do list really is right? It's your action plan for all the things you think you need to do.  If you have a written to-do list that can be just as overwhelming because even though you have created a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, you may have little certainty about your ability to do it.  Therefore the trouble with to-do lists is that instead of being comforting they are often a source of anxiety.

The real problem then becomes the anxiety and concern about getting everything done.  If the feeling you get is one of discomfort then it is because you are fearful about the results you are going to get and that will only make it less likely for you to succeed.  The stress will sap your energy and inspiration which are the two things most needed to successfully get what you need from your list.

This situation can be flipped in a very easy way - it just takes a little shift in your approach.  Instead of thinking of your list as a TO-DO list, think of it as a THANKS and appreciation list.  If you are willing to accept that you have a direct connection to a "higher self" or level of consciousness then this can give you insight as to why being thankful is the best approach for to-do lists.  No worry, just appreciation for the needed assistance in accomplishing the tasks at hand.  If you believe that praying for something to happen will make it more likely, this is no different. 

"I am very appreciative that I have constant support in accomplishing the tasks I have chosen.  I give thanks for and pay attention to what is going on around me so that I can take advantage of the inspiration and guidance needed to accomplish all that I want to do."

Then make two lists.  The first will be the things you know you can take direct action to accomplish during your day.  The second will be the list of things that you do not think you have direct control over and would like higher self/consciousness to orchestrate a path for you - make things happen that you cannot control directly.  Maybe it is someone else paying a bill or returning a phone call.  Maybe it is running in to someone who has some useful information for you.  You know, those apparent lucky coincidences that are really responses to requests you have launched into collective consciousness.

It can be very mystical if you like but it is really just about nurturing an appreciative belief that everything you need to get done will get done.  It's a lot better than worrying about your to-do list.  If you expect success, you are far more likely to be successful.  So, from now on approach the TO-DO list with appreciation that everything you need to get done will fall perfectly in place as long as you stay positive and stay alert for the "coincidences" that will fill in the missing pieces.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Here's an interesting insight...

A message from higher consciousness...

As you are born into these physical bodies, you experience the vibrational continuum of the generations that have come before you. Their desires as they have lived as individuals—and their Collective Mass Consciousness desire— has emanated to the boundary-less boundaries of the Universe, and Law of Attraction is answering all of those requests. So, each generation who follows the previous generation benefits by the desires that have been exuded by Mass Consciousness.
Excerpted from San Diego, CA on 2/7/04
Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Devil Goes to School

Today in the schools of Broward County Florida they practiced for the day when an "active killer" comes on campus.  The kids weren't there, thank God, but the teachers and staff of the schools had a mandatory training day.  This was not like any day most any of these schools had ever experienced.  The exception was Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.  Today in MSD and all the schools in the county the sound of shots rang out in all the hallways.  I'm sure there were many teachers very distressed and saddened with what went on.  Did they feel safer at the end of this day or just even more fearful of danger.

Fear is the Devil's weapon.  I really don't mean this in religious terms - it's more metaphorical.  Fear drives out peace and happiness.  Fear restricts the behavior of people.  Fear is debilitating. Nothing good EVER comes out of FEAR.

Now those conducting these exercises will likely respond by saying if people are prepared, they won't need to fear.  That is true for many things.  Learning how to be a good driver will rightfully reduce one's fear about driving.  Learning how to swim will help get rid of a fear of the water.  But what about a situation where the training will really do nothing to come close to guaranteeing one's safety?  Running and hiding is the likely reaction of anyone put in an "active killer" situation - you don't need a class to teach you this.  What about MSD in Parkland - they even had some "trained" personnel with a weapon on site and it apparently had little effect on the outcome.  Do we really think more guns are the answer?  Do we really want our teachers armed and dangerous ready to go out and hunt down and kill some active shooter in their school?  And what about when one of the well-intentioned armed teachers makes a mistake?  Would a lot of extra guns in a school lead to more or less trouble?

Having more trained professionals in the schools would be fine.  They could be a reassuring element in a school.  Each community has its own Police force.  People whose profession it is to "protect and serve".  If we have reached a point where we have so little confidence in the inherent goodness of our communities that we need to be guarded then we need that to be the job of the professionals.  NOT those individuals whose profession it is to teach our children.  Teaching is their job.  Anything like today's "active killer" training that makes them afraid about doing there job is the Devil at work.  Why is that?  Because the end result of today's training will be more doubt and fear - it will not be confidence of being safe.

I think of today's exercises much like when in Grade School many years ago we got under our desks to be safe in case of nuclear attack.  Would it have done any good?  NO, but it sure gave a bunch of little kids nightmares.  So again I say it is the work of the Devil - and you can take it from a religious point of view it you like because it is letting FEAR undermine FAITH.  Have we lost all our faith in this country?  Do we want to promote a loss of faith in living in a wonderful, opportunity filled world and instead allow fear to rule?

It really is up to us.  How we respond to a bad situation is under our control.  Will we ever eliminate all bad things?  NO and it does not really matter how many armed teachers we have - that will just create a chain reaction of feeling and beliefs that we really don't want.  Whether it is a terrorist or an active killer, their mission is to sow the seeds of fear and pain.  If we give in to them and let fear be in charge instead of faith in who we are as a society, then they will have won.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Are you worried?

That may sound like a stupid question.  I know plenty of people that think if you are not worried you are either stupid or uninformed.  Granted there are plenty of things going on in this world that you may not be pleased with.   The question is if worry does anything to help the situation.

The reality is that worry is a destructive force, not a constructive force.  Worry is a giving up on possibility.  Worry is leaving hope behind and giving fear a foothold.  Now we all know that all of this is a choice because every individual sees things from slightly to almost totally differently depending on their state of mind.  If you are worried about anything, you have "decided" to expect the worst or at least fear the worst. 

That anxiety has an effect on your entire being.  It is a weight on your shoulders.  It may even give you a feeling of helplessness.  The message to every cell in your body is one of dis-ease.  Your brain is sending out danger warnings along all the neural pathways of your body and all of your cells and organs can do nothing but respond with growing discomfort.  This is not a scenario for a good day.  The key message here is that it is a bunch of choices you have made.

This is not a judgement, it is simply one perspective.  Worry is actually the default setting for that bio-computer basic operating system controlling your body-mind system.  The prime directive is survival.  Therefore, your mind tells you that you need to be aware of all the dangers in the world so that you may protect yourself from them.  That makes sense but it is a left-over setting from a time when you needed to protect yourself from wild animals and other dangers in you natural environment on a daily basis.  Today, those fears have become more abstract.  Your worrying really does not produce any results that can protect you.  With no solution apparent, the worry can become overwhelming.  Some sink into deep depression because they have allowed it to consume them.

Now if instead you decide to resort to hope that things will work out in some magically good way for you a smile may quickly find its way to your face.  With no imminent danger apparent you have shut off the alarm bells and your system can return to normal healthy functioning.  By letting the worry go and focusing on a hope and belief in positive outcomes you will begin to take actions that support the outcomes you want.  You will find that your hope and optimism are contagious - just like fear and worry are.  The rising of hope and positive energy in you is like finding a break in the clouds and letting the sun that is always shining show through.  You will even feel a sense of energy and delight as you realize you are helping to positively transform the entire world.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Just Thinking

That is what it is all about.  What are you thinking?  What do you want?  What do you believe you will get?

Just thinking.  Who is that thinking by the way?  Of course it is you but is it really you or just an interpretation you have come up with to approximate who you are?

Are there actually two of you?  Actually there are probably dozens of you.  It all depends on what scenario you are running in your head, doesn't it?

There is confident, top of the world you.  There is nervous too much to do you.  There is you watching the news getting angry or afraid for the future of the planet.  There is relaxed you on vacation in the islands.  There is exasperated you tormented by annoying people.  They are all you of course but they are also a blurring mix of reactions to the world around you.  They are the response you come up with to deal with the reality you perceive around you in any given moment. But those you's are just the characters you have created that you believe will be best to handle the issue at hand.

So who is the REAL you?  The real you in most cases is just a spectator.  Like watching a good movie, it is easy to get very wrapped up in the roles you play.  Everyone always plays their parts the best they can.  Some people are better performers than others.  Not everyone figures out how to be a charismatic leader.  Not everyone develops the temperament to be a good parent.  Not everyone can be a great stand-up comic.  Each of us actors on this global stage on which we find ourselves has been equipped with different talents.  Some of us get really good at exploiting our innate talents. Most of us just use whatever talents come naturally to us to make the best of dealing with the scenes we find ourselves in.

Like any good actor we go through the pages of the script as the story unfolds before us.  Many just go with it and do their best to make things work out in their favor and hope others will think they are playing their part well.  Some of us realize with a little conscious effort we can make changes in the script to benefit our character.  Then there are the few who recognize that they have total creative control over the story-line.  That's a tough one though - you are running up against all of the other actors in your scenes who are accepting that the story-line is going one direction and there you are not following the script.  Some people may even think you are crazy - out of touch with reality.

You know that is not the case.  You have simply created a new reality.  You have come to realize that whatever you decide to believe is true will be - for you at least.  You know that you are actually the one making up the story and you do not have to do something just because it follows naturally based on what others are doing or even what you have done in the past.  It's your story and you are always creating it in the moment.  If you become great at directing and writing (and believing in) your own story, other players will begin to adopt your story-line as their own.

That is why you have been chosen to play the part you have taken on.  Your creativity and imagination driven by inspiration will remake the world in your image.  Try and make it a good one.  Life will never play you, you will always be the one playing life.